Coleus Forskohlii – A Comprehensive Overview

Forskolin It was in use mainly by professional health practitioners. Its use as a weight loss remedy has very less information. So even today there is very less information about forskolin’s use in weight loss management. So it is always better to use this supplement after the recommendations and guidance by a physician.

The standard dose recommended for weight loss is 250 mg of forskolin which should be taken twice a day. If the product has a formula which includes 10% of forskolin then it is best suited for weight loss. The products that contain up to 40% forskolin is also available in the market. There are many products from many different brands which come with different percentage of forskolin. The percentage of forskolin is also decided based on the other ingredients in the products.

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It is necessary to read and understand the details mentioned in the product label of the product for many other details like active and inactive compounds, manufacturer and expiration date of the product and other things. By reading these details it is easy to avoid complications and side effects of the product. It is better to avoid forskolin or similar weight loss supplements if the women is breastfeeding or pregnant or if one is already taking some other medications.

In weight loss:

There are very limited studies to prove forskolin’s effects on weight loss. But there are one two studies which have proved this and they seem really promising. One study which considered 250 mg of Coleus Forskohlii where the product contained 10 pecentage of forskolin extract was conducted for 12 weeks. This dose was given twice a day for obese men and overweight people. At the end of the study, there was significant reduction in weight loss. It is observed that people had increased bone mass but meantime reduced body fat and it was significant when compared to the people who followed placebo.

Another study which was conducted on women revealed that forskolin could significantly reduce overall weight and hunger in women. But there was very less reduction in body fat levels. So there is need for further studies to be conducted to prove forskolin’s benefits as a weight loss remedy.

Other health benefits:

The forskolin extract is available in many forms which is helpful for different types of ailments. These are mainly utilized in a health care setting. In the treatment of respiratory issues like asthma usually powdered form of the extract is used.

In the treatment of asthma, inhaling a very less dose of this supplement is enough to reduce the symptoms of asthma. When it comes to the treatment of blood infections and heart conditions usually the supplement is given intravenously. This type treatments demand the observation of the health professional and the treatment is done under careful observation.

As per Dr. Oz, it is better to take the forskolin supplements in the morning if the aim is to reduce weight. It is necessary to look into the ingredients list before starting the supplements. This is to check the combination of active ingredients and other compounds and extracts. Forskolin can be combined with other weight loss aiding supplements like raspberry ketones and garcina cambogia.

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