The Importance of Digital Forensics

In the current day and age, there are plenty of advancements being made in the field of technology. New tech makes life more convenient, but it is not without a fair share of problems. With every push forward in the world of tech, there are a dozen or so potential threats that come along for the ride. One of the best ways to combat these problems is with digital forensics. A relatively new field, digital forensics is about solving and preventing the many dangers that exist in the modern era. This infographic highlights a few pertinent points on the subject.

If you are curious about this field, whether to learn more or because it sounds like a viable career option for your future, then you might want to discover what it entails. Take a moment to look over a few of these points and see if you can get a more profound understanding on digital forensics and how important the field is today.

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No Malware Allowed

Almost everyone knows the struggle that comes along with getting a computer virus. Since home computers first became a widespread phenomenon, viruses have been present and ready to wreak havoc. Nowadays, viruses tend to fall under the broader category of malware. This refers to any software that is designed to corrupt or disable an operating system. The trouble with combatting this threat is that it lives up to its viral namesake. As with a biological virus, malware is formed and reformed to defend itself against anti-virus software and other security measures.

The field of digital forensics is important because the experts working in this area are dedicated to fighting and beating malware. These men and women work tirelessly to study the components of the dangerous software to see where it is susceptible. If you are looking to make a difference in the world, then it can be a great idea to think about entering the world of digital forensics. You will be able to put your abilities to great use and see a significant change in regards to computer safety.

Spy Vs. Spy

Malware is a huge problem, but it is not the biggest problem. Spyware has become a much more prevalent threat since the invention of the internet. The issue with spyware is that it is not always being sent out by malicious individuals. In fact, plenty of large corporations utilize spyware to keep track of the way that consumers search the internet and make purchases. While it might be on the level, it can feel like a huge invasion of privacy. Working in a field like digital forensics means putting an end to this practice.

The age of technology might have brought forth some unique threats, but there are plenty of people looking to keep the internet safe for all. If you are thinking about your own future and want to follow a fruitful path, then you should think about how digital forensics might make for a perfect fit. Take a look at the options out there, research more about what this career entails, and see if you are ready to enter a world where you can make a huge difference.

Host1Plus VPS Hosting

Gone are the days when shared hosting used to be sufficient to handle the load of your website. Internet traffic is increasing and so will the number of users that visit your site. In such cases, the most viable option is to go for a VPS hosting plan. Most people feel that VPS hosting cost a lot and thus they refrain from it but Host1Plus has made its VPS plans available for so cheap that it will lure you into buying it. Their servers are located at 5 different places worldwide which provide a good speed no matter which corner of the world you live in. Along with it, the VPS also comes with some top notch features that are sure to amaze you.

Features of Host1Plus VPS

Below are some of the most popular features of Host1Plus VPS hosting which are highly considered as the best in the industry. Take a look at them to know if they please you.

DNS Management

Most of the hosting providers fail to offer a DNS management tool which leaves you with no option other than using a separate service for DNS management. This makes things difficult as well as unorganized but with Host1Plus, you will get the complete DNS management system right within your control panel. Thus, you can add, alter or delete records right through your dashboard which is very efficient.

Virtual Console Access

Though this is a highly technical feature, but helps in a great way when you are trying to access your console through a virtual machine. In case your server is not responding or some other problem happens, you can simply use a virtual machine to access your server and find a solution to it. This can lead to instant recovery of your server and get back your site quickly.

Geolocated IPs

With the presence of Geolocated IPs for all its VPS servers, you will get faster load times and low latency. This feature also boosts the SEO capabilities of your site in a quick duration. When you have Geolocated IPs, you don’t have to put many efforts into localizing your business as it automatically happens. It also helps in your Analytics to know from where your users are coming which is quite important to know.

Strong Infrastructure

The hardware infrastructure of the storage is designed in a way to ensure maximum reliability of all the servers at all the time. It is also equipped with Ceph storage that reduces the chances of hardware failures by a huge margin. Even if some component of hardware crashes, the system will automatically restore all the data as well as reduce the downtime exponentially.


The pricing for all the VPS plans by Host1Plus is surprisingly very cheap and affordable. Host1plus is the only affordable web hosting provider. The cheapest VPS plan starts just from $2/month and it is the best you can get in the market. There are various plans available with different features and specifications which you can choose as per your requirements. The plan that is recommended by Host1Plus costs you around $10/month. If you want to buy the best VPS plan available by the company, you need to shell out $85/month.

The Last Words

As we have seen, the VPS hosting provided by Host1Plus comes with top notch features and it is available at a cheap price. The price tag of $2/month is sure to lure many people as it is extremely cheap. With features such as DNS management tools, Geolocated IPs and a robust infrastructure, you can’t expect for any more. All those who are looking to buy a VPS server must certainly have a look at the plans provided by Host1Plus, it will impress you.

Use the Right Coupler for the Best Signal Transmission

In today’s information age, the transmission of data has never been more critical for daily living, both in the business world and at home. While families functioned and businesses survived in the age before most of the technology we depend on now was invented, if you try to operate a business that way today, you would not survive in the competitive market very long. In order to get information from the source to the recipient, a considerable amount of cables and connectors are required. This is true even in the wireless age. After all, the signal must somehow get to the wireless transmitter in order to go out through the air.

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If you look behind your television and start to trace the cables backwards to where they connect with the cable company’s main line, you will likely see some small devices with the cable connected to each end. These devices are directional couplers. These connectors help to keep the signal flowing to where it needs to be so your television or other electronic device will work. Otherwise, you would turn it on and get nothing but static and a blank screen. Companies like Werlatone are very well equipped and have knowledgeable people available to help you choose the right coupler for the application. While this sounds like a simple endeavor, choosing the wrong one can lead to frustration.

Uni-directional couplers are designed to allow the signal to flow in only one direction. They have connections for the main line and a coupled line. If, for some reason, the signal flow needed to be reversed, it would be necessary to physically disconnect the unit, turn it around in the opposite direction and reconnect it. An example of where these couplers are used is in television reception, where you are only concerned with receiving the signal and will not be sending anything back out via the cable line.

Bi-directional couplers differ from uni-directional couplers in that both ends of the coupled line can act as coupled ports. They lend themselves well to simultaneous monitoring of forward and reverse power.

Dual-directional couplers utilize two uni-directional couplers that are internally connected. They are unaffected by the loads on each of the ports.

If all this sounds a bit confusing, you might want to seek help the next time you need a coupler. While at first glance they may look similar, choosing the right one for the task at hand can make life much easier when it comes to proper functionality of your equipment.