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Fight signs of aging with HGH

Aging is something which cannot be avoided at any cost and there is no magic pill that can reverse the aging process. Several drugs and supplements have been developed to combat such problem but nothing can match up to the benefits that HGH provides. With age, the natural production of HGH by the body starts to decline in which case it is necessary to take the help of synthetically produced HGH for similar benefits. However, adequate precautionary measures need to be taken under the supervision of a professional health-care practitioner to ensure a safe and effective use of this component.

Dosage for injectable version

The dosage intake for HGH varies depending upon the purpose of use, the sensitivity of the user and the associated medical records. British pharmacies that carry HGH in injectable version prescribes a dosage of around 16 IU divided into 3 doses weekly. However, studies show that lowering the dosage intake to reduce the probable side-effects is more beneficial than taking it at higher doses. Beginners should start off with a lower dosage of 4 IU to 8IU per week segregated into 2 dosages per day for 5 days a week. The user takes a subcutaneous injection early in the morning and just before bedtime.

The injectable version will not provide any significant impact on the user if taken one or two days per week. Experienced physicians usually recommend a daily intake of 0.5 IU daily for amateur users and then slowly increase the level depending on the IGF-1 blood level. Since older persons are more sensitive to such supplement they require a lower dosage intake than younger individuals. Clinical studies reveal that a dosage intake of 2 IU per day creates a risk of significant side-effects on the body.

Obtaining a prescription

Due to the complicated legal status of the HGH, it is not freely available for purchase in the open market without a prescription. Moreover, there is a great deal of complication when a prescription needs to be obtained from a medical practitioner as this drug is only allowed to be used for medical purposes and not for personal consumption. The Food and Drug Administration in the US allows it to be used by individuals suffering from aging problems and that too if the blood test conducted on the concerned person indicates a low level of IGF-1 on the body.

British pharmacies that carry HGH are closely monitored by the requisite State licensing Authorities and there are certainly laid down rules which every physician must adhere to. If a prescription is obtained unethically, i.e. if the physician provides a prescription where the test for IGF does not require prescribing such product, the doctor is at risk of investigation and even prosecution if the circumstances of the case demand.In certain exceptional cases, the user might be allowed to use HGH if it is hindering the well-being of the individual. Therefore, the prescription is not only prescribed upon lab results but also clinical evidence of signs, symptoms and risk factors.

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