Some Convenient Steps For Recovering Data

The prevailing era is of technological advancements at a regular interval in each and every field. Business firms use these in their own favour to reduce time and effort. Security of information is one of the most essential part for carrying a business forward. The whole business depends on the data it has or will be provided to it. Many factors like hacking, coding, encryption, lack of privacy, etc. can result in a loss of data and that can result in hindrances that may be very difficult to recover from. There are a lot of data recovery software that are available at very low effort and time. One of the free data recovery software that is available on the internet is EaseUs Data Recovery. A program that is very user-friendly and is successful in presenting results in a total of just 3 steps. There is no need to go into technicality and can be done by anyone.

The Procedure For Data Recovery

The whole process includes three steps for data recovery that is provided by this data recovery software. Data can be recovered from different devices like personal computers, cameras, mobile phones, and data storage devices like USB, SD cards, hard disks etc. the three steps are –

  1. Install and launch of the software

To install the softwares in the desired devices is the first step and at the time of data loss this itself shouldn’t be the one that is lost form the device. After installation and completing the setup of the software, a location is required to be selected by the user, where the program would try to find the lost data. Any document, folder, file etc. can be chosen as the location to be searched. The location can also be any external storage device. All the locations will be searched for by the software and make a list of all the data that has been lost with a partition.

  1. The full device scan

The second step to recover data is scanning the device. the full device will be scanned by the software. The occurrence of recovery will then take place with a status of the same on the screen with the estimated remaining time to do so.  The scan that takes place is of two kinds. The quick scan is the first kind that carries on the Recycle Bin recovery in which the files that have been deleted from the recycle bin are recovered. The second kind of scanning is the deep scan that is done after the quick scan which scans all the locations carefully as a result of which it usually takes a longer time as compared to the quick scan. This scan should not be stopped or interrupted in any case.

  1. The recovery

The results of scan are then listed on the screen in three parts. The directory tree list is shown on the left most partition. The center of the partition displays the details of all the files and folders that is the size, date and time. And the rightmost partition shows the information of the files selected form the center. The recover option is selected after selecting and previewing the files to be recovered.



How to download YouTube videos: 4 things you need to know

Sure, it’s easy to download videos from YouTube, but doing it legally is another proposition. While there’s no law that specifically says you can’t download videos from YouTube for free, YouTube’s rules are very clear.

Before you start downloading YouTube videos, read on for four things you need to know, starting with…

There’s only one 100-percent legit way to download videos from YouTube

If you want to download YouTube videos confident in the knowledge that you’re on the right side of the law, there’s just one way to do it: by signing up for YouTube Red.

Among other benefits (including ad-free videos, original shows and unlimited music streaming), YouTube’s $10-a-month Red subscription service lets you save any YouTube video for offline viewing.

A couple of key restrictions apply when it comes to “offline” YouTube viewing. For starters, you can download YouTube videos only by using the YouTube app for Android and iOS. No PC or Mac downloads are allowed.

Saved YouTube videos will disappear after 30 days, and some videos may not be available for download at all depending on the decision of the content uploaders. Once your Red subscription expires, so will all your saved YouTube videos.

YouTube Red

Ben Patterson / IDG

The “offline” videos you save using YouTube Red will (typically) expire after 30 days.

While there are strings attached when it comes to downloading YouTube videos via YouTube Red, at least you’ll be able to do so without worrying that you’ve broken the law.

YouTube explicitly forbids the downloading of any YouTube videos outside of its Red service

The moment you start watching YouTube videos, you put yourself at the mercy of its “terms of service,” which reads (in part):

Apple And Amazon Make Strange Bedfellows In The Chip Business

Toshiba is up almost 11% in two days on chatter that there are bids as high as 3 trillion yen for its chip subsidiary.

The latest buzz being reported by Japanese daily, Mainichi, is that Foxconn is looking to also get the backing of Amazon and Dell, in addition to Apple, in its effort to win the approval of the Japanese government to take over Toshiba’s foundry business.

According to Mainichi, Foxconn is planning to ask Amazon and Dell to take a 10% each stake in the unit, while Apple will take a 20% share, with the rest going to Foxconn assumedly.

With Apple locked in a major dispute with Qualcomm, one of its chip suppliers that happened to report its March quarter earnings yesterday, an investment in Toshiba flash memory unit would go a long way in helping Apple gain further leverage versus Qualcomm.


Here is what Qualcomm said about its dispute with Apple last night on the conference call:

“In Q2, Apple (AAPL) interfered with the license agreements between Qualcomm and the Apple suppliers by actively inducing them to underpay the royalties they owed to Qualcomm for sales during the December quarter. Apple withheld payments to their suppliers for sales in the December quarter in an amount equal to what Apple claims Qualcomm owes to Apple under a separate cooperation agreement between the companies… Apple suppliers then underpaid royalties to Qualcomm in the same amount. In the aggregate, this amount is approximately $1B. Most of Apple’s suppliers have already reported the royalties they owe to Qualcomm for sales to Apple during the March quarter and they are obligated to pay the full amount of those royalties to us. While we would expect Apple suppliers to pay the royalties they owe us under their license agreements, it is possible that Apple will continue to interfere with the Apple suppliers license agreements, leading those suppliers to breach their contracts with Qualcomm by underpaying some or all of what they owe us. We expect to have more visibility into this in the coming weeks. Given this uncertainty, our Q3 guidance assumes a range of possible payments from the Apple suppliers but does not reflect a scenario that Apple suppliers pay nothing to us for March quarter sales.” 

The last line states that Qualcomm expects to get paid at least partially on the $1B that Apple has held back from its suppliers who, in turn, did not pay Qualcomm.


2017 Midas: Newcomers and Returnees

Launch Gallery

This matter will not get resolved quickly, however an investment in Toshiba’s chip-making business could possibly bring Qualcomm to lower its royalty rates and requirements going forward. That would benefit not just Apple but most of its supply chain as well.

Qualcomm management did state on the conference call, “We expect to continue to be an important supplier to Apple now and into the future.”

That could change pretty quickly if Apple, Foxconn and company are successful in their bid for Toshiba’s chip business.

If Apple and Amazon, as partners with Foxconn and Dell in Toshiba’s flash memory business, do end up as owners of the unit, it will be a partnership that will catch most by surprise.

Think about it, a Taiwan based company (Foxconn) partnering with 3 of America’s best known companies, Apple, Amazon and Dell, to buy out a Japanese conglomerate’s chip making unit.

The words, “we are living increasingly interconnected lives on a global basis” couldn’t ring more true.

For Apple, the move couldn’t be more timely given its dispute with Qualcomm and the leverage alone it would gain versus the latter could be well worth the price of admission to become a co-owner of Toshiba’s chip manufacturing operations.

Strange bedfellows completely notwithstanding.

(Long aapl, amzn, options on both)

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Amazon Prime Day 2017: Everything you need to know about Amazon’s shopping extravaganza


Prime Day, Amazon’s summer shopping event, is back for its third appearance. On Monday, July 10, Amazon will offer deals for thirty hours on more than 100,000 products on its sites around the world. Bargain hunters can track all the action via the company’s Prime Day landing page.

For those who’ve yet to check out Prime Day, the event’s purpose may seem unclear. The company originally touted it as a “global shopping event with more deals than Black Friday,” but July lacks major gift-giving holidays like November and December do.

To keep Prime Day important to consumers, Amazon is giving people a reason to shop—and that’s by offering more deals, better deals, and higher stock of the best deals. For those reasons, we expect to again see some good buys this year and a general improvement on sale prices compared to last year. Here’s what you need to know about the day, and how to prepare.

Note: To take advantage of Prime Day sales, you must be a member of Amazon Prime. This service is Amazon’s $99-a-year club that offers free two-day shipping on orders, as well as a litany of frills like free premium video and music streaming, free online photo storage, a Kindle lending library, and various promotional offers. New Prime members get a free 30-day trial, which means you can sign up, get the Prime deals, and then dump the membership before the $99 fee kicks warehouse picker resized


  • Prime Day: A brief history
  • What to expect from Prime Day 2017
  • Prime Day Tips

Prime Day: A brief history

Truth be told, the first Prime Day wasn’t that great. Amazon introduced the day in 2015 to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary—and of course increase its number of Prime members. As for the sales, there were a few decent deals, but critics and shoppers largely agreed the day was a bust compared to the holidays.


Finally, Mobile Live Video Streaming Comes to YouTube


Six years after YouTube featured live-streaming for desktops in 2011, the company finally decided to bring the app to mobile.

YouTubers around the world have been waiting for this feature since the company announced it in June of 2016. It is here, but with a caveat. You need more than 10,000 followers to use the feature. This is a smart move on the part of YouTube, because it can continue to test the platform with power users and work out all the kinks. By the time the rest of us get it, which will be soon according to the company blog, it should be perfect.Look out Facebook, Periscope, et al ... Google has entered the mobile live video arena with the release of the YouTube live streaming app.

YouTube is late compared to Facebook Live and Twitter with Periscope, but the sheer number of users it has and the way it is monetized probably led the company to take its time and get it right.

YouTube Live Streaming App

The streaming feature is built directly into the YouTube mobile app, having the same features as regular YouTube videos. The platform protects you from unauthorized use, and the streams can be found through recommendations, playlist or search.

To start streaming, you have to first confirm your channel has been verified. Also your account must not have been restricted for live stream in the past 90 days. You then enable streaming from the Creator Studio tools, go to Live Streaming, write a title, take a picture for the thumbnail, and start streaming.

Look out Facebook, Periscope, et al ... Google has entered the mobile live video arena with the release of the YouTube live streaming app.

Streaming starts immediately, and YouTube will automatically start and stop the stream for you at the right time. Events gives you more control with preview, start and stop features.

When it finally becomes available for everyone else, small businesses can augment their YouTube channel by engaging live with their audiences. Chefs, artists, DIYers, IT experts and many small operators can give lessons, interact and provide added value services for their customers. The only downside is that have to wait for the full roundup.


Flipkart Sale Cuts Lenovo Vibe K5 Note Price by Rs. 3,000



  • Lenovo Vibe K5 Note to go on sale at Rs. 9,499
  • Only the 4GB RAM and 32GB storage model to be available
  • The sale is only valid for Tuesday on Flipkart

Flipkart is hosting a one-day sale on the Lenovo Vibe K5 Note smartphone, which brings down the handset’s price by Rs. 3,000. The one-day sale is being held to mark the second anniversary of Lenovo K-series smartphones; the Flipkart sale started at 12am Tuesday, and ends at 11:59pm tonight. With the discount in the Flipkart sale, the Lenovo Vibe K5 Note can be purchased for a price of Rs. 9,499. For those unaware, the smartphone has 4GB RAM, 32GB internal storage,

Commenting on the announcement, Ayyapan Rajagopal, Senior Director Smartphones at Flipkart said, “At Flipkart it is our constant endeavour to partner with strong brands and bring the best products to our customers. Our partnership with Lenovo has been very successful since we first launched Lenovo K3 Note in 2015 followed by Lenovo K5 Plus, the Lenovo K5 Note and Lenovo K6 power – each of which have been blockbusters. We take pride to associate with a brand that is known for innovation and outstanding products and hope in the coming years we celebrate many such milestones”.Flipkart Sale Cuts Lenovo Vibe K5 Note Price by Rs. 3,000

Lenovo Vibe K5 Note specifications

The dual-SIM Lenovo Vibe K5 Note features a 5.5-inch full-HD (1080×1920 pixels) IPS display, and comes with TheaterMax technology for conversion of regular content into immersive VR content. The Vibe K5 Note is powered by a 64-bit octa-core MediaTek Helio P10 (MT6755) processor clocked at 1.8GHz coupled with the Mali-T860 GPU.

In terms of optics, the Vibe K5 Note features a 13-megapixel real camera with PDAF and a wide-angle 8-megapixel selfie camera at front. The phone houses a 3500mAh battery and has been available in Gold, Silver, and Dark Grey colour options. One of the highlighted features of the Vibe K5 Note is that it incorporates Dolby Atmos powered speakers, with the technology also extending to the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Lenovo Vibe K5 Note

Lenovo Vibe K5 Note

Rs. 9,499
  • NEWS




1.8GHz octa-core

Front Camera



1080×1920 pixels




Android 6.0



Rear Camera


Battery Capacity


  • Lenovo Vibe K5 Note (Grey, 32GB, 4GB RAM) – OFFER
    Rs. 9,499
  • Lenovo Vibe K5 Note (Gold, 32GB)
    Rs. 11,899


A proper Product Owner – Key responsibilities

The company owner has the responsibilities to get things done at the right time and in the corporate sector the production procedure should be in such a way that it reaches the client in the proper time and at the same time the quality of the goods should be maintained. So Scrum is one which relates to increased rte of production and with the help of agile software helps in developing the not only the production but also helps in not keeping any back log which can hamper the reputation of the company.

The factors which makes Scrum the best:

The scrum software which helps to increases the rate of production. It makes the production department to put up the best of effort to get the best that the can give. The methodology used in Scrum is the inclusion of the special kind of software. This gives the production a hike which is needed for the betterment in the production and makes the company reliable.

Other than the production managers with the CSPO certification in dallas puts a check on the quality of the products to see whether it is premium or not. It is adopted to make sure that pass the quality control test, because it gets imported to other parts of the world. Once it is ok the company makes not only a huge profit but also gets more order from the clients. The stakeholders of the company remains tension free when the products are acclaimed all over the world.

Scrum takes under its fold a focused team which blends the traditional and also technologically advanced methods in a much proper way. By using the Scrum technology along with a more focused group helps  to make the production as required by the market and this input is given by the marketing team.

What are the changes that can be brought in?

The company on a major basis changes the marketing policy of the company and the team leaders with the cspo training provides the latest and updated status of the manufacturing units so that management can decide upon the changes in the policy. The marketing team brings in the report if there is anything else that the customers want and this again helps the company to understand what should be the change to be brought in. It can decide on a new product and launch it in the market since the customers want them.

So if we see Scrum helps in so many ways, in maintaining the quality of goods, bringing the union of all the departments and at the same time looks to the fact how to increase the production rate keeping the quality same. The marketing plans also get an avenue. So the owner of the company has a clear knowledge and it is absolutely transparent what is to be done and what are the changes that are to be implemented to have more profit out of from them and making them the best in the field.

Getting Your Web Development Questions Answered

When you’re starting off as a developer, there is nothing more frustrating than hitting the proverbial wall. You’ll be going strong, spending days developing something, getting an understanding and knowing exactly what you want to do then you’ll come up against something that isn’t working right no matter how hard you try. Ask any developer, they’ll all tell you they’ve experienced the same thing. Not knowing how to do something can be one of the most frustrating aspects in web development – especially for beginners.

Afficher l'image d'origine

I figure there are enough tutorials on the web regarding how to do specifics so I’ve decided to take a different approach and construct an article to run over a few of the sources you can consider should you be unable to find a solution to that frustrating issue you’re experiencing.


 Internet forums can be a fantastic resource if you know how to sift through the nonsense. If you have thick skin and are willing to open yourself up to ridicule then sometimes, just sometimes you can get an answer to your question. That’s perhaps a little bit harsh as forums have helped me a lot of the year but you most definitely need a thick skin.

Web development forums, specifically designed for languages such as PHP or even platforms such as WordPress harbour a much better membership than other free for all “anything Internet” related forums which attract the worst of the worst.

 Question Communities

 There are lots of these springing up, here is one by that offers some great insights into WordPress development or you can use tried and tested resources such as etc. Whilst using these type sites will definitely get your questions answered in a timely manner, the people who frequent them tend to have somewhat of a short patience so unless you’re clear in what you’re asking prepare to be down voted or worse.


 Believe it or not I find YouTube one of the best resources out there for tech/software related tutorials. There is a wealth of information if you know what to search for and having someone walk through it and for the most part carry the actual task out there and then on screen is much easier than trawling through a verbose tutorial trying to make sense of it whilst growing in complete frustration!

 Developers Direct

 This is probably not something you’ve considered but you could always speak to other programmers and developers of the language you’re having issues with directly. Sure some developers would rather get struck down by the lord than help you out but you don’t know unless you try. There are some nice developers out there who are more than happy to assist. Especially if you say you’re a newbie and just want some initial help.

 Support Centers

This is more software specific than language specific but the WordPress support forum is the perfect example of a support center that has a wealth of information, easily searchable with lots of people there and willing to answer even the most complex of questions at the drop of a hat. Checking out software specific support forums can be a fantastic way to get the help you need almost instantly.


 If you can’t find the answer to your problem via any of the above channels then you’ve either discovered something nobody else has (for which you should pat yourself on the back) or you’re not looking hard enough. Everyone has virtually experienced every issue you can dream up so do some digging and I’m sure you’ll find a solution.

Yahoo Marketing Chief Kathy Savitt Leaves for Entertainment Studio

Yahoo said Friday that marketing chief Kathy Savitt is leaving to take a job heading a digital team at television and film industry studio STX Entertainment.

Savitt played a high-level role in efforts by Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer’s to revive the aging Internet pioneer and her departure could signal a larger shake-up taking place at the company.

“We can confirm that Kathy Savitt has decided to leave the company,” a Yahoo spokesperson said in reply to an AFP inquiry.

“We appreciate her contributions to Yahoo over the past three years and wish her well.”

Yahoo declined further comment.

Savitt will start next month as president of a digital team at STX and be responsible for “helping the studio fulfill its ambition of becoming a true creative haven for the world’s top entertainment talent,” the company said in a release.

STX was established early last year and described itself as “a fully-integrated motion picture, television, and digital content studio.”

“Viewers are in control and each film or show has to earn its space in their time on its own merit,” Savitt said in a release.

“What we are doing at STX hasn’t been done before; we are creating a new way for audiences to access meaningful stories, from wherever they are.”

Microsoft uses Bing to coax would-be browser switchers towards Windows 10’s Edge

Microsoft really, really wants you to try its new Edge browser for Windows 10—so much so that it’s urging Bing users to give it a go.

VentureBeat reported Friday that if you do a Bing search for the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, Bing will helpfully note that “Microsoft recommends Microsoft Edge for Windows 10.” Because of course it would. When you click the “Learn more” button, you’ll get whisked away to a webpage extolling some of Edge’s features, such as its annotation tool, Cortana integration, and distraction-eliminating “Reading view.”

firefox bing windows 10
Searching for Firefox on Windows 10—using the Edge browser, no less.

As you might expect, the banner urging you to use Edge only appears on Windows PCs—searching for Chrome and Firefox on my Mac yielded no banner, but running the same search from a Windows 10 PC resulted in the black stripe above search results—even when searching from Edge.

Why this matters: Despite the hype and Windows 10’s fast start, Edge browser usage has tailed off since Microsoft launched its new OS back in late July. Microsoft isn’t the first to promote its browser in search engines, as MarketingLand points out: If you visit from a competing browser, you’ll be presented with a box that urges you to download Google Chrome. Still, given Edge’s place in the market (and its lackluster showing in our recent roundup), it does make Microsoft look a little desperate.