Quick conversion process of MOV files to FLV format

Both the file formats are effective based on its application. MOV file format is developed by Apple whereas Flash video file format was established by Adobe systems. FLV file format is highly preferable for video streaming. This format has a good video quality. The flash video file format seems to be convenient for online applications. Most of the video enthusiastic would like to convert the MOV file into FLV format for further processing. Based on the end application of the file you can choose the right format. When compared to MOV file FLV is highly recommended for web application.

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Step by step process for a successful conversion

Step 1: The foremost step is to download the software from the official website of Wondershare video converter. Click on the try free button to download the software. Install it by following the instructions appropriately.

Step 2:  Now add the MOV file which has to be converted into FV format. Go to the ‘Add Files’ tab present at your top left side of the screen. Click on this tab and navigate through the folders to reach out the MOV file. You can also drag and drop the required file into the Wondershare video converter platform for the conversion process. Follow any one method from the above discussed optimum techniques in adding files.

In the above screenshot you can witness the MOV file is added in order to begin the conversion process. Here in the above screen the entire window is divided into two sections namely ‘Converting’ and ‘Converted’. The converting panel holds the source file whereas the converted tab carries the target file. Moreover if you take a closer look at the added file you will notice a set of edit tools just beneath the MOV file. There are three types of tools to edit the added video for better visualization. Make use of the trim, crop and add effects options to edit the added file for better understanding.

Step 3: Go to the target section in the converted panel of the screen. Click on the dropdown menu which is displayed on your top right side of the screen. It is available in the target section. Expand it by clicking the dropdown icon. From the expanded list select ‘Videos’. This action in turn displays a list which is divided into two sections. Go to ‘FLV’ on the left side of the panel and choose your desired resolution settings on the right side.

All the necessary settings are completed to trigger the conversion process. The above screenshot carries the pre requisite settings in order to convert a MOV file into FLV format.

Step 4: Click the ‘convert’ button to stimulate the conversion process. You can make use of the convert button which is displayed at your top right side of the screen or you can click the ‘convert all’ button at your bottom right side of the screen. You can also select the memory location to store the converted file by navigating through the folders with the help of the dropdown menu which is available beside the output tab at the bottom of the screen.

The above screenshot depicts the progressive stage of the conversion process of MOV file into FLV format. It takes few minutes to complete the entire process. No need to wait for long hours to witness the conversion process.

You can witness successful completion of the conversion process from the above screen shot. Here the MOV file has been converted into FLV format within few minutes with the help of this effective tool.

Striking features

Wondershare video converter serves as an optimum tool to handle different types of file formats for further modification process. It supports more than 1000 formats and meets your expectations without any compromises. This software can be easily operated by a layman and you need not require any special knowledge for successful completion of various processing. It is enough if you follow the instructions to carry out desired changes to the videos. Moreover this platform comprises of innumerable powerful functions. You can convert between file formats without much difficulty. Now you can easily record streaming videos and directly burn them in DVDs for further usage. Cast videos in TV with the help of Wondershare media server. You can record the desktop activities along with the voice using this innovative tool. Even a novice video enthusiastic can make use of this tool optimally without any regrets.

Powerful platform at affordable costs

Wondershare video converter is a right platform to satisfy your desires related to video files, you also could learn how to convert MP4 to DVD. Initially try out the trial version and later on purchase the necessary subscription scheme according to your usage. You can either purchase one year scheme, life time, family licenses and business licenses etc. Edit the videos as per your requirement at affordable cost with the help of Wondershare video converter.



Casino Gaming Interests To Play Online Game

Online casino games rapidly developed and this appeals all people towards to it. In the worldwide, the poker players get very much increased day to day. Online casino game is one of the most popular games of cards and people find this game as an entertaining option. This game requires skill, chance and also luck to stand among many players. Casino gaming players are financially rewarded and it is mainly depending upon the fortune of the players. This casino game is very much popular among many professional poker players and players who are quite interested to play this game will have so many variations in playing the other games. There is a facility available for the players to play with the other opponents in online and they are always in a group. The online casinos Canada websites are offered with so many poker tournaments in online. There are separate rooms available for playing such games. The right thing in this particular casino game is to log in, team making and also competing. It is very simple and easy to place the bets and there are no limits available for betting.

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Gaming tricks are here

Millions of casino enthusiasts get increased and this is the main reason for this poker popularity. This game is involved in the hands of the players and there are so many versions available in this game. It is the responsibility of the players to choose their favorite game which will give them more fun and entertainment. Casino gaming players can very well enjoy their comforts just by sitting in the home. It is advisable for many fresh players to start this game with lots of cheers and happiness. They should always require some guts to compete with the other opponents. It is very much hard to know the limits in the spending of casino.

Casino players have to decide the betting limit and it is an affordable for many of the players. This will surely match to their budget and the skill level. Low limits have to be set when it is compared with the other online casino games. Operating cost is very much low for this online game. It is mostly open to all kinds of players. Players who have inexperience in their skill can also play this casino game very well. This online casinos Canada will be suitable for any kinds of players and the budget is very much fit to them sure.

Some Convenient Steps For Recovering Data

The prevailing era is of technological advancements at a regular interval in each and every field. Business firms use these in their own favour to reduce time and effort. Security of information is one of the most essential part for carrying a business forward. The whole business depends on the data it has or will be provided to it. Many factors like hacking, coding, encryption, lack of privacy, etc. can result in a loss of data and that can result in hindrances that may be very difficult to recover from. There are a lot of data recovery software that are available at very low effort and time. One of the free data recovery software that is available on the internet is EaseUs Data Recovery. A program that is very user-friendly and is successful in presenting results in a total of just 3 steps. There is no need to go into technicality and can be done by anyone.

The Procedure For Data Recovery

The whole process includes three steps for data recovery that is provided by this data recovery software. Data can be recovered from different devices like personal computers, cameras, mobile phones, and data storage devices like USB, SD cards, hard disks etc. the three steps are –

  1. Install and launch of the software

To install the softwares in the desired devices is the first step and at the time of data loss this itself shouldn’t be the one that is lost form the device. After installation and completing the setup of the software, a location is required to be selected by the user, where the program would try to find the lost data. Any document, folder, file etc. can be chosen as the location to be searched. The location can also be any external storage device. All the locations will be searched for by the software and make a list of all the data that has been lost with a partition.

  1. The full device scan

The second step to recover data is scanning the device. the full device will be scanned by the software. The occurrence of recovery will then take place with a status of the same on the screen with the estimated remaining time to do so.  The scan that takes place is of two kinds. The quick scan is the first kind that carries on the Recycle Bin recovery in which the files that have been deleted from the recycle bin are recovered. The second kind of scanning is the deep scan that is done after the quick scan which scans all the locations carefully as a result of which it usually takes a longer time as compared to the quick scan. This scan should not be stopped or interrupted in any case.

  1. The recovery

The results of scan are then listed on the screen in three parts. The directory tree list is shown on the left most partition. The center of the partition displays the details of all the files and folders that is the size, date and time. And the rightmost partition shows the information of the files selected form the center. The recover option is selected after selecting and previewing the files to be recovered.



NFS 2017 to Feature Offline Single-Player, EA’s Ghost Games Reveals

EA-owned Ghost Games has confirmed that a new Need for Speed game will release later this year, with the return of a feature whose omission had infuriated many: the option to play offline.

“You will be able to play through a single player experience completely offline,” the developers said in an official blog post. “Before you ask, and we know you will, this does mean you will be able to pause the game.”

In two previous entries, Need for Speed had become an always-online experience, in a bid to merge the single-player and multiplayer experience. It seems EA is willing to backtrack on that mission, though there’s every chance that you will lose out on some single-player features while you’re offline. We won’t know for sure until EA Play, the company’s E3 off-shoot, rolls around in June.

On the face of it, it’s still a nice acceptance by the studio, after delivering two NFS titles – 2013’s Rivals, and 2015’s eponymous reboot – that essentially held you hostage.
Alongside, Ghost Games also revealed a few other details of their new racing game. For starters, the new NFS will be playable in daylight, as opposed to the 2015 instalment that took place entirely at night/dawn.NFS 2017 to Feature Offline Single-Player, EA's Ghost Games Reveals

Secondly, car customisation will stick around after making a return. “It’s not going away and it will play as strong a role as ever as we move forward into the next game and beyond,” it added.

In addition to that, it will stick with its open-world policy: “Whether you’re checking out your freshly customised ride or smoking the competition in an event up in the canyons, you’re going to want a world that not only looks beautiful, but offers you the space in which to do the things you want.”

And lastly, dirt racing also looks to be a part of NFS 2017. “We’re dialling up the action and allowing you to tear up the tarmac, and dirt, to your heart’s content,” Ghost Games said.


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 was ‘just too ambitious’, says CI Games

CI Games’ Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 was delayed on two occasions in the lead up to its eventual April 25 release. Perhaps the writing was on the wall at that stage, given the developer has now admitted its plans were too ambitious—a fact galvanised by a small development team and pressing deadlines.

Since launch, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 has suffered frame rate and load time issues and while CI promises to continue supporting its open world tactical shooter into the future, it suggests trying to keep pace with other big budget games hamstrung the team’s creativity.

“We’ve learned a lot as a team over the course of development for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, much of which I believe has shaped the talented individuals within CI Games and the entire studio for the better,” says CI’s CEO Marek Tymiñski. “When we began development of SGW3, we decided on such a relatively large scale of the game with its open world that now we realise it was just too ambitious versus what we could have been able to deliver in any reasonable amount of time.”

Tymiñski adds: “We simply made the wrong math considering the size of our team and the originally given timeframe. By positioning the game in a AAA category, it took us away from what we could have done great. Instead we spent too much effort trying to catch up with other AAA titles in terms of their production values and features. That was a big mistake.”

The CI CEO continues to say he and his team have learned “huge” lessons from the process and as such have their eyes fixed on another shooter that will have depth “without the trapping of a large open world setting.”

It’s understood CI Games is also committed to developing a sequel to its 2014 action role-player Lords of the Fallen.


Bihar Board Class 10 Result 2017 declared at biharboard.ac.in; 51 per cent pass the exam

The result of Class 10 board exam has been finally declared today, on June 22, by the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) at 2 pm.

Result declared

Result declared

The result of Class 10 board exam has been finally declared today, on June 22, by the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) as per NDTV report. The candidates who had appeared for the same are required check their respective scores at the official website biharboard.ac.in. Over 17 lakh students from Bihar appeared for matriculate (class 10) board examination this year.

The BSEB Class 10 exams were held from March 1 to March 8. Results for Class 12th Intermediate examinations were also declared on May 30.

Grace marks

As per reports, in a major relief to students, the Board said that it will give eight grace marks to class 10 board students.

Why grace marks?

The Board had sent a proposal to the state government requesting permission to award eight grace marks, according to a report by Prabhat Khabar. As per reports, it seems like by giving grace marks improvement in pass percentage of class10 results could be seen.

According to a moneycontrol report, the results were earlier expected to be announced around 11 am today, but were postponed  due to the swearing-in of Keshari Nath Tripathi as caretaker Governor of Bihar.

(Read: Bihar Board BSEB Class 10 students to get 8 grace marks)

Steps to check the result

  • Log on to the official website, biharboard.ac.in
  • Click on ‘Bihar board Class 10 matric results 2017’
  • In the provided fields, enter your roll number
  • Click on submit
  • Your result will be displayed on the screen
  • Download the same and take print out for future reference

Over-the-air DVR: Do you really need it?


One of the most interesting trends in cord cutting this year is the resurgence of over-the-air TV and new tools to make the most of it.

Over-the-air DVR maker Tablo, for instance, recently launched a new two-tuner model, and has several other products on the way. Plex recently took its own DVR service out of beta with live TV feeds and more tuner support, and tuner maker SiliconDust is working on a DVR service as well. Device makers like Amazon and Roku also seem to be inching toward full-blown DVR support in their smart TV products, which already offer time-shifting of live antenna TV.

While it’s great to see so much antenna innovation, there are other ways to watch broadcast TV on your own schedule, ones that don’t demand making an up-front investment in new hardware. Before you dive in with a product like Tablo, Plex DVR, or TiVo Roamio OTA, consider the alternatives.

Hulu + CBS + PBS: Doing the math

The most obvious alternative to an over-the-air DVR box is a subscription to Hulu, which offers new episodes from ABC, Fox, and NBC the day after they air. Hulu’s on-demand service costs $8 per month with ads, or $12 for a mostly commercial-free experience, and is available on pretty much every streaming device.

This still leaves you without current CBS programming, but you can add many of those shows with a CBS All Access subscription, which includes both a live network feed and on-demand episodes the day after they air. CBS All Access costs $6 per month with ads, or $10 per month for a plan that mostly excludes them. Like Hulu, CBS has apps on all the major streaming TV devices.



CBS All Access offers a live feed and on-demand shows for $6 per month

As for PBS, many new episodes are available for free through the PBS and PBS Kids apps on streaming devices. Some local stations also offer an expanded catalog through a service called PBS Passport, which requires a minimum $5-per-month donation.

These services do have a few catches, though: For the ad-free plans, some shows still have commercials due to contractual obligations. And with CBS All Access, several shows—including Big Bang Theory—only offer a random selection of episodes, rather than all the most recent ones. You also won’t be able to watch sports or any other live programming on ABC, NBC, and Fox through Hulu’s on-demand service.


New update hitting Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge

Samsung has started rolling out a new update to its Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones. Arriving as build number G920FXXS5EQF9 and G925FXXS5EQF9, respectively, it’s a security update that brings along Android fixes for the month of June.

While a detailed changelog isn’t available, the update is also said to include some system-related enhancements as well as some bug fixes. Recently, the Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship duo also got the June security patch.


Karnataka CET mock seat allotment 2017 to release soon at kea.kar.nic.in


The Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) will publish the CET mock seat allotment result today at kea.kar.nic.in. The Common Entrance Test (KCET) was held on May 2 and 3 and the KEA had declared the results on May 30. The seat matrix for engineering and other courses was published on June 14 and the option entry commence the following day. KEA has scheduled the release of mock allotment for today, June 23.

The seat allotment will be done on the basis of merit and the final list will be out soon. Mock seat allotment is done to get an idea of seat status. In a notification, KEA has already said that it is not necessary that the seat allotted as per mock allotment will be allotted in the final list.www.kea.kar.nic.in, cet 2017, kcet, karnataka cet 2017, kar cet 2017 allotment, kea.kar.nic.in 2017, cet allotment 2017, karnataka cet allotment, cet result 2017, cet, education news,

Karnataka CET 2017, here’s how to check allotment result:
Step 1: Visit to the official website of KEA (kea.kar.nic.in).
Step 2: Follow the link to the CET portal which will be available on the main page.
Step 3: Once the seat matrix and fee structure is available, the links will be displayed on the page. Follow the links.
Step 4: Check the seat matrix and fee structure and keep a copy of the document for further reference.

This year’s KCET topper Rakshita Ramesh, a student of Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College, had scored 56 in mathematics to 59 in chemistry. She is closely followed


Sony consolidating its flagships is probably for the best


Despite not performing as well as many of the other big brands in the smartphone business, Sony has made it clear that it will stick it out in the handset market. The latest reports suggest that the company has two more flagship models heading our way this year.

While still unconfirmed, it appears that Sony is looking to consolidate its premium tier of smartphones with its upcoming releases. A move that I believe not only makes financial sense, but is likely to help the company’s struggling brand awareness too. Even if this means that a few consumer favourites, such as the Compact range, may be sacrificed.

Xperia XYZ

Sony has long been criticized for releasing too many smartphones, and this goes right back to the days of the Z1, Z3, and Z3+, etc. Arguably, the situation has become even more confusing in the past year or so, following Sony’s adoption of its Premium and Performance branding.

400 quatloos to whoever can detail the differences between the Xperia XZ, XZs, XZ Premium, X Compact, X Performance, and the regular X model off the top of their head.

400 quatloos to whoever can detail the differences between the Xperia XZ, XZs, XZ Premium, X Compact, X Performance, and the regular X model off the top of their head. Remember, that’s just over one year’s worth of premium tier releases from Sony. While we enthusiasts have the benefit of breaking down spec sheets for fun, imagine how bewildering this range would look stacked up on a physical store display. How would you pick?

It’s no wonder that marketing seems completely absent for so many of Sony’s phones, yet a clear cut message and notable differentiation is essential when trying to market premium tier products to consumers. By cutting out its “Premium Standard” models – which includes the Xperia X and X Compact – Sony will almost certainly see an improvement to consumer understanding of its product range. This instantly helps with marketing and will importantly make its product range easier to breakdown and compare to other flagship models.

That being said, releasing four premium tier products a year is still probably a couple too many. Although if there’s a notable differentiation between some of them, such as a Compact or Phablet model released part way through the year ala LG’s V series or Samsung’s Note, then this might just fly.

It’s time to cut costs

Furthermore, eliminating the diversity of its top-tier products could be a sensible cost cutting measure for a company whose mobile division pulls in considerably less revenue than the likes of Apple and Samsung. We know that Sony Mobile has been underperforming financially for a while now, so this is a much needed move.

Even if Sony doesn’t actually cut down the number of high-end products it releases each year, it’s still looking like four, manufacturing phones with more components in common saves hugely on costs. Component stock can be shared between models, meaning that Sony won’t get caught out holding a lot of mid-tier processors if a phone doesn’t sell. Similarly, software development and support costs and times are lowered, as chip and hardware feature implementations can be shared.

Currently, across Sony’s Premium Standard and Flagship models you’ll find a Snapdragon 650, 820, and 835, combined with a selection of 4K, 1080p, and 720p panels and various Quick Charge implementations. Distilling this down to a single core specification but packaged in different sized units, as Samsung is does with the S8 and S8 Plus, would be more cost effective. But we’ll have to wait and see if that’s actually what Sony has planned.

The drawbacks

Of course, such a move makes it inevitable that some of Sony’s more interesting products will disappear. The Compact range remains a favourite of those who want a powerful phone in a small form factor, but it’s always been a more niche product than more profitable phablets. It’s likely that the Compact range will be a casualty if Sony follows through with this plan, unless the company makes an unlikely move and releases a sub 5-inch flagship as one of its two releases reportedly planned for later in the year.

The Compact range remains a favourite of those who want a powerful phone in a small form factor, but it’s likely to be a casualty of Sony’s reshuffle.

Similarly, the value proposition of the Xperia X also looks set to disappear. While this diversity is part of Sony’s problem, there’s something to be said about offering a cost competitive alternative to the big players in order to gain market share. I don’t know how well this would work out for Sony as a Plan A, but the overshadowed Xperia X didn’t exactly seem like a solid commitment that we could use to gauge consumer appetite from. Sony would clearly rather view itself competing at the premium tier rather than fighting it out in the bargain bin.

These and other interesting products, such as the Z Ultra, have previously helped Sony stand out, and there is a risk that simply copying the a formula used by others could cause Sony’s Xperia handsets to become further lost in the crowd, especially if the hardware isn’t all that different between generations.

Could Sony consolidate further?

Perhaps then, simply reshuffling its flagship models doesn’t go far enough to revamp the company’s image and portfolio in a way that will make a meaningful difference. In reality, it looks like Sony is essentially going back to its previous method of two major announcements a year, which will probably be just as infuriating as it was with the Xperia Z series.

Instead, I think Sony could do with being bolder, releasing yet fewer products but with a clearer purpose to each. Really, only one major flagship per year is required, with perhaps a secondary product released to maintain momentum. Apple, Samsung, LG, and to a lesser extent Huawei have done quite well using this model.

I would quite happily take a bells and whistles flagship Xperia launch at the start of the year, followed up by a compelling aggressively priced S or Compact model part way through the year to cater to those who didn’t fancy splashing the cash on one of the year’s flagships. Two meaningful handsets that don’t cannibalize each other and that could be marketed with a suitable budget to finally give the brand some much needed recognition. But what do I know?