Samsung Galaxy S8 Drop Test Reveals Corners Can Easily Be Shattered


Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are undoubtedly gorgeous looking smartphones. The near bezel-less new flagships from the South Korean giant will go on sale in India from Friday. These smartphones look so good that one would want to hold on to them carefully lest they should drop. But for those of you wondering how they would hold up if they ever did manage to slip out of your hand, you may want to check out this new drop test.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was put through a drop test by German testers from The smartphone was put through their special testing drum that lets the phone fall from 80 centimetres over and over again. This sort of test makes sure that the handset is tested for durability thoroughly from all sides. The site claims that there have been smartphones that have survived through a 100 falls without any major damages.Samsung Galaxy S8 Drop Test Reveals Corners Can Easily Be Shattered

The drop test with the Galaxy S8, however, did not end well. As pleasing as the design of the flagship is, they do come with certain tradeoffs. The edge-to-edge display with rounded corners makes the Galaxy S8 quite weak against accidental drops. The test managed to shatter the corners of smartphone’s Gorilla Glass 5 screen after 50 falls. Notably, the touchscreen continued to work and the back panel managed to hold up just fine.

The latest drop test reveals that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are a lot more fragile thanks to their Infinity Display. The screen can be shattered on accidental drops and replacing it can cost you around 25 percent more than the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Previously, the Galaxy S8 was put through a series of durability tests by JerryRig Everything. The phone underwent scratch, burn, and bend tests and managed to survive most of them impressively.


iOS 11 Said to Get New Volume Indicator, Drag and Drop for iPhone



  • The new volume indicator sits on the top right edge of the screen
  • It doesn’t take up the centre of the screen like it does now
  • The drag and drop feature works within apps only

iOS 11 has brought along a host of new features, some targeted to solely elevate iPad experience, and some focused on improving both – the iPhone and iPad. This includes a new feature called Offload Unused Apps that deletes dormant apps from the phone without losing data on it, Maps improvements like lane guidance, Do Not Disturb While Driving feature, and even speed limit indications. Now, developer preview testers are highlighting new features that they have stumbled upon while using unstable iOS 11. Two big changes noted were the change in the volume indicator which no longer takes the centre space on your iPhone screen, and a drag and drop feature that works within iPhone apps.iOS 11 Said to Get New Volume Indicator, Drag and Drop for iPhone

Twitter user Devon T has revealed that iOS 11 has a new volume indicator that no longer obstructs the centre of the screen, as it does now. Instead, it sits in the top right corner in a non-invasive sleek manner. This has been a much needed feature by many, as the volume indicator often jarred the experience of a user, especially while watching videos.

ios11 main iOS 11

Furthermore, another user named Dave Schukin revealed that the drag and drop feature for iPhone is coming with iOS 11. He’s also shared a small video on how it works on the iPhone, and it seems that the feature works within apps only, and there’s no ‘spring loading’ as seen on macOS. In any case, this will particularly be useful to organise things in the new Files folder as well.

However, it is worth mentioning that there are tonnes of features tested in beta that don’t always make it to the stable version. Although these are both exciting features to look forward to, we recommend you to not hold your breath.