Intel ‘Skylake’ CPU, Graphics, Security, and Power Management Details Revealed

When Intel launched the first two processors based on the new Skylake architecture at Gamescom a few weeks ago, it didn’t share much information about what’s new and why they are faster or better than their predecessors. The enthusiast-oriented Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K are only the tip of the iceberg though; Intel will launch many more models across price tiers and device segments over the next year.

While details such as speeds and specifications of individual SKUs have not been made public, Intel did share a whole lot of information about the architecture as a whole at the annual Intel Developer Forum this week. Over the course of several technical briefings, we were able to build a high-level overview of what Skylake (formally known as the sixth-generation Core architecture) does differently and what users can expect.

This overview paints a picture of a hypothetical Skylake processor with a superset of all possible features. Diagrams shown do not represent any actual product. It is likely that there will be models that do implement a majority of these features, if not all, but we do not know at this point how Intel will differentiate products at different tiers in its hierarchy.