Best But To Offer Apple Watch At All Stores Due To High Demand

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has been available at selected Best Buy stores in the US and now the company has announced that it will sell the device in all of its 1,050 retail stores in the US.

The company recently confirmed that they have seen strong demand for the Apple Watch during their latest earnings call.

Best Buy have said that they are expecting to have the Apple Watch available in all of their 1,050 retail stores by the end of September, the company had originally planned to make the device available in 300 stores by the holiday shopping season.

The company also plans to update its in store Apple shops in 740 of its retail stores, this will include new fixtures and display tables for the Apple Watch, iPhones, iPad and more.

Best Buy have also announced that they will start to offer Apple Care within their retail stores in the US and this will be offered before the end of the quarter.