Best Star Wars gifts and gadgets

slideshow imageTo be fair, we could fill this entire list with Lego offerings, as the current range includes an incredible amount of Star Wars related models. From Imperial Cruisers to the Millennium Falcon, you can battle among the stars or carefully display these wondrous creations on your bookshelves. Our favourite though has to be the Death Star itself, with a plentiful supply of mini-figures (some exclusive to this set), and the various rooms where you can re-enact the trash compactor scene, fight light saber duels, or teach Alderaan a lesson. Of course as it’s Lego you can also explain to your family and friends that it’s educational, and that the £300 price tag is therefore justified.

Price: Around £300

slideshow imageOne of the new characters due to appear in Star Wars: The Force Awakens is BB-8, a spherical droid that will no doubt roll itself into a few scrapes. But now it’s not only happening on the silver screen, as you can buy a remote control version of the droid with which to have adventures of your own. The small ball-like gadget can be guided via your smartphone, responds to voice commands, and can even project video footage – R2D2 style.

Price: £129.99

slideshow imageOf all the spacecraft that inhabit the Star Wars universe, the Millennium Falcon still remains the most iconic. So if you’ve ever dreamed of piloting the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy then your, ahem, ship has just come in. Thinkway Toys has released a new drone version of the Falcon that can fly, perform a few maneuvers to lose imperial pursuers, and make you the coolest person in any room with a high ceiling. We’re still waiting on reports of how quickly it can complete the Kessel run.

Price: Around £100