How you can use text messaging to attract great talent

Are you a recruiter considering using text messaging for recruiting top talent? Continue reading to find the answer yourself.

In a recent survey conducted by a company that provides research and user reviews, it was found that as many as 60% recruiters are already using BulkSMS to communicate to job seekers as part of the recruitment process.

SMS has several benefits as a recruiting tool, including the ability to reach out to candidates immediately. Here are some best techniques that can help you maximize the success of your SMS program.

  • Make it simple for job seekers to access job listings by SMS

Create a test message auto responder that allows job seekers SMS-for-details to a short code (i.e. SMS GetJobs to 56567) and get back a link to updated job listings. Recruiters can include this information on flyers, direct mail pieces, billboards, or print points where potential applicants will come across your hiring process.

  • Don’t send SMS in the early or late hours

It is important that you contact the job seekers on the right time. Job candidates usually prefer getting texts between 8am and 4pm. So, don’t irritate potential candidates with late night SMS or very early morning wake up texts.

  • Respond instantly to job seekers who show interest

When job candidates SMS a keyword, recruiters can be notified instantly by an email or text and respond rapidly. Besides sending leads to email, recruiters can also prepare a list of phone numbers through text messaging lead generation.

  • Don’t text too much

70% of people looking for a job or job change prefer receiving two or less simultaneous SMS from a recruiter. When job seekers subscribe to get SMS from recruiters, they aim to get regular updates, but don’t want their inbox to get filled with your texts.

  • Always give a choice to opt out

Whether the potential candidate already found a job or they just want to get SMS from you anymore, make sure you provide them a choice to opt out of your SMS subscriber list. Let them know they can always SMS STOP to unsubscribe from your text messaging service.

  • Share

In the hiring game, candidates always know other candidates who are also looking for a job or a change. Use a URL shortener for your links to current openings and ask your subscribers to share it by SMS. According to a study from an advertising platform, 32% of people who share information online only do so through “dark social” channels, like SMS.

So, start using SMS API today to make the recruiting process simple, result oriented and quick. Getting started with text messaging is also very simple, all you have to do is just hire the services of a reputed and established smart messaging service and make the whole task smooth, streamlined and hassle free. The services are very reasonably priced and can be availed at very pocket friendly rates.