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Getting Your Web Development Questions Answered

When you’re starting off as a developer, there is nothing more frustrating than hitting the proverbial wall. You’ll be going strong, spending days developing something, getting an understanding and knowing exactly what you want to do then you’ll come up against something that isn’t working right no matter how hard you try. Ask any developer, they’ll all tell you they’ve experienced the same thing. Not knowing how to do something can be one of the most frustrating aspects in web development – especially for beginners.

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I figure there are enough tutorials on the web regarding how to do specifics so I’ve decided to take a different approach and construct an article to run over a few of the sources you can consider should you be unable to find a solution to that frustrating issue you’re experiencing.


 Internet forums can be a fantastic resource if you know how to sift through the nonsense. If you have thick skin and are willing to open yourself up to ridicule then sometimes, just sometimes you can get an answer to your question. That’s perhaps a little bit harsh as forums have helped me a lot of the year but you most definitely need a thick skin.

Web development forums, specifically designed for languages such as PHP or even platforms such as WordPress harbour a much better membership than other free for all “anything Internet” related forums which attract the worst of the worst.

 Question Communities

 There are lots of these springing up, here is one by that offers some great insights into WordPress development or you can use tried and tested resources such as etc. Whilst using these type sites will definitely get your questions answered in a timely manner, the people who frequent them tend to have somewhat of a short patience so unless you’re clear in what you’re asking prepare to be down voted or worse.


 Believe it or not I find YouTube one of the best resources out there for tech/software related tutorials. There is a wealth of information if you know what to search for and having someone walk through it and for the most part carry the actual task out there and then on screen is much easier than trawling through a verbose tutorial trying to make sense of it whilst growing in complete frustration!

 Developers Direct

 This is probably not something you’ve considered but you could always speak to other programmers and developers of the language you’re having issues with directly. Sure some developers would rather get struck down by the lord than help you out but you don’t know unless you try. There are some nice developers out there who are more than happy to assist. Especially if you say you’re a newbie and just want some initial help.

 Support Centers

This is more software specific than language specific but the WordPress support forum is the perfect example of a support center that has a wealth of information, easily searchable with lots of people there and willing to answer even the most complex of questions at the drop of a hat. Checking out software specific support forums can be a fantastic way to get the help you need almost instantly.


 If you can’t find the answer to your problem via any of the above channels then you’ve either discovered something nobody else has (for which you should pat yourself on the back) or you’re not looking hard enough. Everyone has virtually experienced every issue you can dream up so do some digging and I’m sure you’ll find a solution.