Google Home or Amazon Echo may replace your landline soon

After smartphones ousted landlines, their usage is seen diminishing with time, but some companies which have their focus on home speakers might soon change this. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Google and Amazon are already considering to add the ability to make and receive voice calls to companies’ through Home and Echo devices respectively.

Domotics gearing up

Companies are already planning to equip technologies in smart home products that would allow users to control lights and other smart appliances, stream music and order groceries online. Seems like in future a single home product would control the entire home? Isn’t it?

Also, the other great thing is that these speakers will help you to charge your phone easy, while your phone sits on charging mode.

Will this work?

However the main question is how would the companies integrate call services through the speakers, nowadays calling services through speakers are provided via Bluetooth. Also, dedicated Voice over IP applications like Hangouts and Duo would require time to provide the application.

But for Amazon, the prospect of pulling off the ‘new call-speakers technology’ is bleak at the moment, as the company has just launched a new app for video conferencing. Reportedly, it is considering multiple approach to this problem, including merging users’ contact information from their paired phone, integrating third-party apps like Skype and perhaps giving your Echo its own number.

For now, we can’t predict what will happen but the thought of having your phone aside on charging while you’re talking to someone through your smart home device seems interesting for the moment. The only concern is how good will it be.