Splashtop Debuts SOS With Mobile Android Support Service

Technical support software company Splashtop on Wednesday announced Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS) with Mobile, a solution for remotely controlling Android devices and viewing the contents of their screens. The San Jose, California-based firm claims that its platform is the first one of its kind in the industry as it allows administrators, developers, and anyone else who might have to troubleshoot remote devices to quickly take control of distant Android smartphones and tablets and inspect them in real time. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Lee believes that SOS with Mobile solves an industry-wide problem of supporting a wide variety of different devices and configurations which usually requires complicated setups that mandate a lot of time and other resources. SOS with Mobile is said to alleviate those problems by acting as a turnkey solution for administrators that’s not only simpler to set up but also easier to use, consequently saving time and money that IT professionals may otherwise waste on troubleshooting remote devices.Image result for Splashtop Debuts SOS With Mobile Android Support Service

Splashtop’s latest service supports a broad range of Android handsets and tablets, including Samsung Electronics-made Galaxy devices, the Silicon Valley company said, adding that SOS with Mobile can not only be used for troubleshooting but also for demonstrating corporate-issued mobile apps to users. The service itself is also available for Apple’s iOS devices and is the only one of its kind that supports real-time screen sharing on iPhones, iPods, and iPads. While it’s compatible with two of the most popular mobile operating systems on the planet that are radically different from one another, SOS with Mobile ships as a comprehensive solution that should avoid needless support fragmentation and allow administrators to focus on helping their users instead of setting up complicated support systems.

The newly introduced service is available for an annual subscription that amounts to $199 on a yearly basis per a single technician license during what Splashtop refers to as its “introductory special,” though the regular price of SOS with Mobile will be $299 yearly per each license. The service is being sold as an add-on for many popular mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems, the San Jose-based company said. The firm is also offering a fully-featured free trial of SOS with Mobile that users can sign up for by following the source link beneath this writing.