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Quick conversion process of MOV files to FLV format

Both the file formats are effective based on its application. MOV file format is developed by Apple whereas Flash video file format was established by Adobe systems. FLV file format is highly preferable for video streaming. This format has a good video quality. The flash video file format seems to be convenient for online applications. Most of the video enthusiastic would like to convert the MOV file into FLV format for further processing. Based on the end application of the file you can choose the right format. When compared to MOV file FLV is highly recommended for web application.

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Step by step process for a successful conversion

Step 1: The foremost step is to download the software from the official website of Wondershare video converter. Click on the try free button to download the software. Install it by following the instructions appropriately.

Step 2:  Now add the MOV file which has to be converted into FV format. Go to the ‘Add Files’ tab present at your top left side of the screen. Click on this tab and navigate through the folders to reach out the MOV file. You can also drag and drop the required file into the Wondershare video converter platform for the conversion process. Follow any one method from the above discussed optimum techniques in adding files.

In the above screenshot you can witness the MOV file is added in order to begin the conversion process. Here in the above screen the entire window is divided into two sections namely ‘Converting’ and ‘Converted’. The converting panel holds the source file whereas the converted tab carries the target file. Moreover if you take a closer look at the added file you will notice a set of edit tools just beneath the MOV file. There are three types of tools to edit the added video for better visualization. Make use of the trim, crop and add effects options to edit the added file for better understanding.

Step 3: Go to the target section in the converted panel of the screen. Click on the dropdown menu which is displayed on your top right side of the screen. It is available in the target section. Expand it by clicking the dropdown icon. From the expanded list select ‘Videos’. This action in turn displays a list which is divided into two sections. Go to ‘FLV’ on the left side of the panel and choose your desired resolution settings on the right side.

All the necessary settings are completed to trigger the conversion process. The above screenshot carries the pre requisite settings in order to convert a MOV file into FLV format.

Step 4: Click the ‘convert’ button to stimulate the conversion process. You can make use of the convert button which is displayed at your top right side of the screen or you can click the ‘convert all’ button at your bottom right side of the screen. You can also select the memory location to store the converted file by navigating through the folders with the help of the dropdown menu which is available beside the output tab at the bottom of the screen.

The above screenshot depicts the progressive stage of the conversion process of MOV file into FLV format. It takes few minutes to complete the entire process. No need to wait for long hours to witness the conversion process.

You can witness successful completion of the conversion process from the above screen shot. Here the MOV file has been converted into FLV format within few minutes with the help of this effective tool.

Striking features

Wondershare video converter serves as an optimum tool to handle different types of file formats for further modification process. It supports more than 1000 formats and meets your expectations without any compromises. This software can be easily operated by a layman and you need not require any special knowledge for successful completion of various processing. It is enough if you follow the instructions to carry out desired changes to the videos. Moreover this platform comprises of innumerable powerful functions. You can convert between file formats without much difficulty. Now you can easily record streaming videos and directly burn them in DVDs for further usage. Cast videos in TV with the help of Wondershare media server. You can record the desktop activities along with the voice using this innovative tool. Even a novice video enthusiastic can make use of this tool optimally without any regrets.

Powerful platform at affordable costs

Wondershare video converter is a right platform to satisfy your desires related to video files, you also could learn how to convert MP4 to DVD. Initially try out the trial version and later on purchase the necessary subscription scheme according to your usage. You can either purchase one year scheme, life time, family licenses and business licenses etc. Edit the videos as per your requirement at affordable cost with the help of Wondershare video converter.