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Must Know Tips for Choosing Granite Countertops

A right granite countertop in your kitchen can completely change its look. It adds a sense of luxury to your bland wooden kitchen. You’ll be staring at it whenever you are near your food. So it is important that you take the right decision while choosing granite countertops.

There are many options and colors when it comes to granite countertops. Patterns, finish, size, color- many things play a partin granite designs. You don’t have to be a granite expert to choose the right piece. All you need to do is follow some basic primers when you visit yourgranite countertop dealer.So here are the must-know tips –

Samples can be Deceiving

When you enter the dealer’s place, you will be welcomed by a variety of granite design samples. Most probably you’ll find the one you love. Do take note of it but don’t bring out your wallet just yet. Most samples are handpicked, that is chosen for the best vein pattern.

Don’t take your final decision until you see the full slab in the yard. A small sample piece will look way different from the actual full-sized slab.

Grades Do Not Matter

Your dealer will try to offer you the best F grade granite available. It will be the highest priced variant with the highest quality. He will suggest you against the A grade granite which is supposed to beof inferior quality.

But this is all lies and nothing more than a way of profit gauging. The higher grades are given according to the colors and supply of the granite pieces. The ones with the rare colors are given higher grades and it has nothing to do with the strength or durability.

Consider your Lighting

If you have a kitchen with lots of overhead and surrounding lights, then it makes sense to go for a dark option. They will add balance to the scene. Just like it, a bright and glittery piece will add a new life to your dark and damp kitchen lighting.

The light setup at your dealers will be different than your home. If possible, take a piece of the sample to your home and match it with your home lighting. If you’re stuck at one granite design then maybe consider changing some bulbs in your kitchen.

Mix and Match Colors

Many granite buyers make this mistake. They choose one granite countertop color and stick to it. It is getting old now. If you have the capital to invest, then maybe consider adding a splash of different designs to your kitchen.

If the main island countertop is bright in color then add slightly darker toned granite to the surrounding pieces. This will give the space some character. Don’t go overboard and add clashing colors. Try to complement the color scheme.

Plan Ahead of the Installation

Planning is crucial to any home project and granite countertop installation is no different. If you are starting from the scratch then it will be better if you plan with the countertop in your mind. Wooden furniture around the kitchen can be easily painted, but granite is almost fixed.

It is also important that you contact a good granite installation company. The professional guys will make your job easier without causing any hassles.