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A roll up banner is a must have advertising tool in every marketer’s toolkit. It is a versatile and effective promotional medium that can work everywhere – exhibitions, trade shows, conventions, and even museums or stores. They are portable, can be placed anywhere and most importantly they are effective for both indoor and outdoor marketing.

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But to communicate the desired message clearly, you will have to come up with a design that is eye-catching, clean and concise. The effectiveness of the design and message is crucial because the real estate withroll-up banners is limited. Utilizing the limited area requires careful planning. So to help you, we have come up with 5 tips so that you can design the ultimate roll up banner stand-

Consider the Location of the Banner

Before deciding on the design, you should consider the location where you are going to place it. For example, if the banner will be placed at a busy place, it will be better if you limit the info to only to the essentials and use bold images and colors to draw attention. People won’t stop and read the finer details.

Similarly, if it will be used at places like museums or near queues, then going for a detailed design is a wiser choice.

Likewise, there’s usually no need for comprehensive contact details on the banner if you are planning to use it at the exhibition stands. Instead, focus on using the whole banner to pull in visitors and hand out business cards.

Your CTA Plays a Significant Role

Most clients forget to include a catchy and effective call to action (CTA) in their banners. Any marketing material has better chances of conversion when it is served with a CTA. When you people are asked to perform some action, they instantly create an image of it in their minds. This retention can help you in big ways.

Make the CTA stand out in design. Textually, it doesn’t have to pushy or fluffy. Keep it simple, consider the pain points of your prospects. You can also include questions that the prospects might have. Lure them to your solutions.

Push for the Top

The message that you want to convey with your banner should be placed at the top half of the banner. The flow should be from top to bottom, left to right. This is common for all LTR languages. If your audience uses RTL script, it should go from right to left. Keep it natural and easy to read.

Use Colors and Images

Playing with colors and images is important. Bold colors and high-qualityimagesconvey professionalism. They help to attract viewers. The colors and images should be defined by the desired message. It should not be random and should contain some cohesion. If you are not very creative with your designs, you should hire a professional roll up banner services. The result will be much better.

Play with Different Sizes

Finally, play with different sizes and layouts. Depending on the location and final use of the banner, you can create multiple ones. Create one for pulling in the prospects and other one educating about your work.