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How to Choose an Elevator Maintenance Company

To the general public, an elevator is a magical box that moves them from floor to floor –A magical box that sometimes has the tendency to trap people. And it is okay to consider them magical. The public never sees how this elevator works and what goes behind the scenes to make them run.

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This invisibility has two aspects. Good design is not meant to be seen so it checks this box. But this invisibility becomes the problem when it comes to maintenance. People forget that elevators need maintenance too. Only a qualified elevator maintenance company knows what goes into it.

To make sure your elevators get the maintenance they deserve, here are 5 tips that will help you to choose the best elevator maintenance company –


This is an important point to consider and if this one fits then all other services will come naturally. Elevators are complicated devices responsible for the safe transport of hundreds to thousands of people each day and they require proper maintenance and service. You cannot leave such a difficult task to a newcomer.

While experience is not the only indicator of quality work, it is still a high-ranking factor. Years of experience also means some level of expertise in handling older models and systems.

Technical Capabilities

There are many types of elevators and in many different types of fields. You have residential, commercial and industrial systems with each having its own nuances and technical requirements. The company you choose should have the technical and technological knowledge of any repair or maintenance that arrives.

Some systems use proprietary parts or systems. Ask them how they are going to handle such situations and what is the turnaround time. You cannot take the risk of annoying your customers or visitors because of a malfunctioning elevator.

Insurance is a Must

Elevators are mechanical machines and as with all such machines, there is always some risk of accidents. You don’t want to handle the liability claims or any other issues if such situations arise. To make sure this does not happen, insist on insurance.

Make sure that the contractor has fully paid insurance, liability coverage,and workers’ compensation certificates. You should check these certificates personally – check the company names, dates, and amount. You don’t want to invite any problem because of accidents.

Coverage Offered

There are two types of maintenance services – Full Maintenance (FM) contracts and Limited Service (LS) contracts. In FM services the coverage also includes part guarantees and repairs apart from the regular maintenance schedule. These contracts are the most expensive but offer the best value if the load is larger.

In the LS services, only the scheduled maintenance is covered butcallback repairs are typically billed separately. This is good for light use, low traffic conditions.


Elevators can go wrong any time. Regular maintenance can help to postpone accidentsbut it’s always better to be prepared. Choose a company that can offer 24×7 emergency supports.  Ensure they are easy to reach and always come prepared.