Hack Causes Major Apps to Show Anti-Semitic Name

Technology users got a surprise Thursday morning when their social and lifestyle apps seemingly labelled the United States’ most populous city with an anti-Semitic header. A number of people posted screenshots on Twitter showing “New York City” had been relabeled “Jewtropolis” on the Mapbox map used by companies and services such as Snapchat parent Snap, Citi Bike and Foursquare. […]


Battlefield V Release Date Delayed

Battlefield V has a new release date of November 20. Previously, the latest instalment in EA’s long-running military shooter series was slated for an October 19 release date. This has been changed to make “final adjustments to core gameplay” according to a post on EA’s official Battlefield V website. Some of these improvements will be making their […]

Social Media

Trump Warns Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tells Them to Be ‘Careful’

US President Donald Trump stepped up attacks on big tech firms Tuesday, warning Facebook, Googleand Twitter to be “careful,” hours after slamming what he called “rigged” Internet search results. Trump offered no details on what if any actions he might take, but a top White House aide suggested the administration may look at some type of regulation in response to the […]


Ubisoft: Game Streaming Will Be Better than Using a Console or PC

Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six Siege creator Ubisoft believes that game streaming would provide a better user experience compared to playing on console or PC. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot made these comments at the recently concluded Gamescom 2018. According to him, the future of gaming will be streamed instead of being on disc, cartridge, or a digital download. This comes after […]

Tech Updates

Choosing the best data recovery company

Data recovery companies are there in thousands; wherever you are, there is a service provider who can help. However, not all who purport to offer such services are really the right fit for you. That is why you must carefully choose a provider who is affordable, with excellent customer service and has built a reputation […]


You Can Now Receive GIFs with Music on Snapchat

Ephemeral messaging app Snapchat has reportedly joined hands with third-party service TuneMoji to allow users to post musical Graphics Interchange Format (GIFs) to a personal chat as well as to their Stories. TuneMoji shows a searchable gallery of GIFs which users would be able to set to different licensed songs and sounds from which users could select […]


Venezuela Orders Banks to Adopt Cryptocurrency

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered banks to adopt the Petro cryptocurrency as a unit of account Monday, as the country struggles to emerge from a severe political and economic crisis. Public and private banks must now reflect all financial information in bolivars and Petros, according to a resolution of the Sudeban banking regulator. The move […]


Aston Martin DB5 From ‘James Bond: Goldfinger’ To Be Built Again — All The Crazy Gadgets Included!

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 from the third installation of the iconic spy-thriller series – Goldfinger – is heading to production again. The grand tourer, driven by Sean Connery in the 1964 movie, is titled as the ‘The Most Famous Car In The World’ from the 20th century and has got a huge fan following […]


Good News: How What You Share on Facebook Can Make You Happy

Do people really live the lives they portray on Facebook? The answer is—partially . . .  because most people share selectively.  For example, have you ever posted something on Facebook then checked back later to see how many people “liked” your post? If you have, don´t worry, you are in good company.  For most people, Facebook sharing is not selfish, it […]

Tech Updates

IIoT and Edge Computing in the Industrial Environment

With the recent accelerated increase in IoT, the concept of edge computing seems to have become a rather promising venture. Edge computing in the industrial environment designates the transmission of right device data in real time to facilitate better decision making possibilities. But what is edge? In common parlance, edge maybe defined as a space […]