Pokemon Go: ‘Gen 4’ Pokemon Could Be on Their Way Read in: বাংলা

Pokemon Go: 'Gen 4' Pokemon Could Be on Their Way

Popular augmented reality game Pokemon Go might soon see a new generation of Pokemon in “Gen 4” from the region called Sinnoh, according to a known Pokemon Go dataminer who goes by the Twitter handle ‘Chrales’.

On Thursday, ‘Chrales’ tweeted: “and don’t get hyped too much but … badge_pokedex_entries_gen4_title : ‘Sinnoh’”, suggesting he had discovered new code in Pokemon Go which hinted at the possible inclusion of Gen 4 Pokemon from the Pokemon world region of Sinnoh in a future update.

The line of code in question hints at a new Sinnoh badge, which will help Pokemon Go trainers keep track of how many Pokemon they have caught that belong to the Sinnoh region. Generation 4 Pokemon were first seen in the 2006 Nintendo DS games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Niantic also announced Thursday that Mythical Pokemon Celebi, revealed last month, will be available as part of “Special Research” starting next Monday, August 20. If you were lucky enough to take part in Pokemon Go Fest Special Research and obtain Celebi, you can still undertake the new research and earn Candy to power up your Pokemon.

On Wednesday, Niantic lifted the lid on “Niantic Kids” which would allow younger Pokemon Go players access to previously-restricted features thanks to new parental controls.