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Choosing the best data recovery company

Data recovery companies are there in thousands; wherever you are, there is a service provider who can help. However, not all who purport to offer such services are really the right fit for you. That is why you must carefully choose a provider who is affordable, with excellent customer service and has built a reputation over time. It takes more than a mere referral from a friend or a few websites here and there; it is more than that. You have to dig deeper and find the most suited data recovery company.

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Here, we present a few tips on how to locate such.

The company’s record of success

The data recovery industry is such a unique one; any company that has priced their services highly and with poor customer service will not survive for long. The suitable company must have been in business for long enough.  Again, of interest are the individuals, companies and all clients that the company has served before. You’d want to see the kind of associations they have; for instance, any data company that seems to have a close relationship with Google, Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the like would be a better ‘fit’.  Go through their work history with such brands and reviews from individuals and other businesses.

Do they provide on-site services?

A reputable and stable company will have sufficient resources and a workforce who can present themselves to your location. You don’t want to engage a purely remote company who will do everything on the telephone. There are stages of recovery, depending on the uniqueness of the case, which will need an expert on site to get through. A company that is properly staffed and with the requisite equipment is an indication of its stability and reliability in offering data recovery services. Fraudsters and data recovery brokers will not want to appear on-site and therefore it is an easier way of doing away with such.

Get a company with a price structure

It is very embarrassing when someone has finished the job and they lash you with a bill that has never even occurred in your dreams. You need a company that will give a proper estimate of the cost of spares and labor. This will give you room to prepare and bargain where necessary. Again, the price structure should be clear, with no hidden charges. With a proper fees structure, you will easily compare prices and decide on the best option.

How qualified are the staff

How does it feel when you expensive gadget is handled by someone who from the look, is half-baked-or simply put, is an amateur? So unfortunate. You need to find out the training that the technician has and their experience in data recovery. Let them show you the job portfolio that they have handled before – a one on one interview will help you in getting the best match for you. The technicians must be highly trained and skilled in the various recovery methods.

Do not compromise on the experience that a data recovery company has, remember every case is unique but someone who has handled numerous cases over time will be better positioned to handle any data recovery related issue effectively.