Fortnite Nintendo Switch Performance Issues to Be Fixed in Version 5.40

Fortnite Nintendo Switch Performance Issues to Be Fixed in Version 5.40

Fortnite creator Epic Games is working with Nintendo to address performance issues reported on the Nintendo Switch version of the battle royale shooter. According to Epic, Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch suffers from issues where models and environment don’t render properly. Furthermore, Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch also suffers from hitches that have gotten worse with each subsequent update. To make matters worse, loading performance has also suffered with each update. While all of these issues make the Nintendo Switch version worse than what it is on Android and iOS, Epic Games says a fix is on the way with Fortnite version 5.40. No surprise considering we felt that Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch is the worst way to play the game. Until then however, a temporary fix involves storing the game on your SD card.

Fortnite Nintendo Switch performance fix

“Installing to an SD card makes a significant difference to building load times. If you’re seeing issues with buildings or skins not loading quickly, we recommend you install the game to system storage rather than an SD card as a workaround. To do this, archive the game and re-download it with the SD card removed,” Epic Games claims on its Trello board (via Nintendo Everything).

Previously, Epic detailed Fortnite’s newly-announced ‘High Stakes’ event on Sunday, which includes a limited-time mode called Getaway, a new outfit known as Wild Card, and several challenges. In this mode players will team up with others to find a ‘jewel’ that’s stored in a safe somewhere on the map. Once they pick it up, they must get to a van – and get away – to finish the job, while battling opponents who are tasked with stopping them.

The Wild Card outfit has four different face masks, one for each member of the getaway team. The briefcase in question is a back bling, and there’s also a new glider made up of a bank vault, bags of cash, and gold bars and coins. The upcoming event will also bring a new tool in the ‘Grappler’, which will allow Fortnite players to cover distances faster.