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3 Tips for Buying Ribbon Mixers

Ribbon mixers are some of the most popular industrial blending machines on the market. But what if you’ve never purchased one before? How can you learn to recognize a great mixer when you see it? Here are just a few tips for making a smart purchase decision when you’re shopping for ribbon mixers.

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1. Establish Your Budget

First things first: What’s your spending limit? Keep in mind that buying the mixer is only the first step of the process. You’ll also be responsible for shipping and installing it, and you’ll need to pay for periodic maintenance to boot. You might also want to splurge for product insurance to protect your interests. Factor all of these things into your budget if you don’t want to be surprised by your final bill.

2. Think About Specs

It’s important to know the specifications of your mixer. If you get something that’s the wrong size, you might not be able to mix the required volumes to meet your weekly quotas. The same thing could happen if you get something without the necessary horsepower or weight capacity. Be sure to consider all aspects of your decision before you sign on the dotted line. You’ll want to be completely confident with your choice of ribbon mixers.

3. Don’t Forget About Safety

Last but certainly not least, consider the safety level of your mixer. Does it come with special features like overflow lids and no-slip handles? Does it have high safety ratings with third-party judges? Accidents in the workplace can bring down your entire business, so don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure that you’re buying a safe, secure mixer that will work with you instead of against you.

These are just a few things to turn over in your mind as you shop for the ideal ribbon mixer. They’re a cut above the rest when it comes to industrial blending machines, but you should still be careful when you order yours. Make sure that your chosen blender is truly the right one for you. Your business could depend on it!