Dragon Quest XI S Nintendo Switch Release Date May Be Announced This Month

Dragon Quest XI S Nintendo Switch Release Date May Be Announced This Month

Dragon Quest XI S for the Nintendo Switch may see its release date announced this month. A dedicated stage show at Jump Festa, an annual manga and anime expo in Japan, will be broadcast on YouTube. It features series creator Yuji Horii, Dragon Quest XI Producer Hokuto Okamoto, and Director Takeshi Uchikawa will appear, alongside a secret special guest. While the announcement at Jump Festa doesn’t hint at what’s on the agenda, given the names on stage, it could be a rather relevant reveal pertaining to the Dragon Quest XI release date or gameplay. The Dragon Quest XI S Nintendo Switch reveal time is 2pm JST (10:30am IST) on December 22.

Considering that Dragon Quest XI sold four million units on PS4, Nintendo 3DS, and Windows PC, publisher Square Enix is probably looking at ways to get Dragon Quest XI in the hands of more people. A bigger concern now more than ever considering that The Shadow of the Tomb Raider sales have been tepid and the critical response to Just Cause 4 has been lukewarm at best. The Japanese role-playing title has been out since July last year in its home country, and hit Western shores on September 4.

Though Dragon Quest XI released in Japan on both Nintendo 3DS and PS4, there won’t be an English-language version for the former. Dragon Quest XI will come to Nintendo Switch instead internationally.

Meanwhile, this is the first time a Dragon Quest game is on PC, and Square Enix has gone all out for it, adding features that are present in the PS4 version of the game including 4K support, a first-person camera mode, and an additional ‘hard mode’.