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Fulfil your Product Ownership potential with the CSPO Certification

As a professional working in an Agile environment, learning new techniques and skills update is an important part of your professional growth. The CSPO or Certified Scrum Product Owner® Certification is a credential awarded by the Scrum Alliance, and it reflects your adeptness at using Agile in a product ownership role.  KnowledgeHut’s  Certified Scrum Product Owner training is the kind of platform that will help you on your way to gaining this crucial skill set. A mix of interactive lectures, engaging quizzes and practical sessions, the course will give you a clear picture of how a product owner can utilise Scrum. Learn more about this training program and the benefits from it.

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About the Course

The Certified Scrum Product Owner training by KnowledgeHut is a 2-day affair, and it is divided into several modules. It is perfectly suited for project managers, product owners, developers and others in similar roles. At the beginning of the course, participants will get to learn the Scrum basics including topics like Scrum Flow, the principles of empirical process control, and the work culture that is associated with Scrum. As the training progresses, the trainer will delve into roles and responsibilities in a Scrum environment, product vision, estimating, and product backlog. As part of the module dedicated to release management, students will learn about iterative and collaborative planning, the concept of technical debt, the importance of release burndown charts, and many more sub-topics. The course will end with a module on Sprints and how the Scrum meetings promote efficiency and high productivity. Basic knowledge of Agile is required to get the best out of the Certified Scrum Product Owner training.

What are the benefits of the CSPO course and certification?

This certification will make you eligible for higher roles related to product ownership. To apply for the main Scrum Alliance CSPO certificate, you will receive a course completion certificate from KnowledgeHut. Led by trainers who have been certified by the Scrum Alliance, you will not only learn from the curriculum but also gain important tips and tricks used in the industry.KnowledgeHut also rewards participants 14 to 16 PDUs and SEUs after they successfully complete the course.The course also comes with a two-year Scrum Alliance membership, which opens the doors to a lot of additional resources and networking opportunities. You will also have access to downloadable course material, which has been commissioned by the Scrum Alliance.

The KnowledgeHut Advantage

KnowledgeHut is regarded as one of the best education providers and training facilitators in the field of IT, including Agile and related disciplines. It has a global presence and combines cutting-edge delivery methods with the irreplaceable interaction of a classroom environment. Courses are designed to be easily accommodated in the busiest of schedules. Faculty members are present across the world and come with a lot of industry experience. The CSPO certification will help you get the recognition that you deserve to push your career ahead. Learn more about the Certified Scrum Product Owner® Certification and enrol for the course now.