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Speed Queen Replacement Parts are Available in Your Area

Speed Queen laundry machines can help your business become more productive. These machines are designed to handle a high volume of laundry. You can use these machines for a laundromat business or a residential building.

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Safety is Key

Speed Queen has designed their machines to be safe. Many of their washers and dryers can be bolted to the floor for more stability. These machines provide you with a safety feature to eliminate tipping. Speed Queen has added a safety bar to make the mounting process easier for you. All front-loading washers need to be mounted to a concrete or metal floor in your laundry room.

Speed Queen Machines Are More Efficient

If you are looking to make your laundromat more energy efficient, you need to choose Speed Queen machines. Their machines can help you save money on your utility bills as they operate at capacity. The cycle modifiers help you to custom the wash and dry cycles. You can even change the pricing level according to the time of day. Their Quantum Controls allow you to set over 30 different water levels. Most laundromats carry the Speed Queen line for their businesses.

Save Space with Stackable Units

Speed Queen has a wide selection of stackable units. You can double your capacity within a single space. Most dryer units come in 30 to 46-pound capacities. There are even washer and dryer combinations as well. You only need a single connection for the utilities. The washer and dryer combination units have a capacity between 18 to 21.5 pounds. All these units are designed to connect in your existing laundry space. Many laundromats are choosing to install front loaders, tumble dryers, top-loading washers, and combination units for their customers.

You need to choose reliable machines for your laundry needs. If you need replacement Speed Queen washer parts, you can find a distributor in your area. These replacement parts can help you to get your machine back to full functionality.