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3 Types of Commercial Laundry Machines

If you are planning on buying commercial laundry machines for your laundromat business or for residents in a multi-housing rental property, you will need to understand what different types of laundry machines are out there. When it comes to washers and dryers, there are three types of machines to choose from depending on your needs and budget. 

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Top-Loading Machines

Top-loading laundry machines are a popular choice in commercial settings due to their affordability and load capacity. In addition, top-loading washers are typically faster at washing clothes since they stay immersed in water at all times. However, bulky objects like comforters are harder to wash in a top-loading machine. Unlike front-loading machines which would require people to bend over to do their laundry, top-loading washers and dryers are easily loaded without bending which is ideal for those with back or knee issues. 

Front-Loading Machines

Front-loading machines are extremely efficient and gentle on clothing. Although front-loading machines are more expensive than other options, they are a great choice for companies that are extremely conscious about their environmental footprint and want to save money on electrical bills. While top-loading machines can damage clothes, front-loaders will thoroughly wash fabrics without ruining them. 

One common complaint about front-loading machines is that clothes have to be loaded below waist level. One way to address this issue is to build a platform that allows people to use the washer or dryer without bending over. 

Stackable Machines

If your biggest concern is saving space, stackable machines are the best way to optimize the amount of space available in your facility. These machines often involve a washer and dryer that both are front-loading. However, there are compact sets available that combine a top-loading washer with a front-loading dryer. While stackable systems use two separate machines, others are combined which can prevent you from repairing or replacing just the washer or the dryer. Also, it can be very difficult for people who are short or disabled to access the dryer on top.