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Monitoring Your Plant Machinery’s Lubrication

The importance of maintaining proper lubrication throughout your industrial plant’s machinery cannot be overstated. The first step in the process is to obtain and apply high-quality industrial lubricant from your lubricant supplier in VA. Beyond this step, monitoring your machinery’s lubrication using automated and/or manual inspection needs to be a part of your daily routine.

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Computerized Monitoring

The use of data sensors in industrial machinery is a perfect example of how computer technology and data science can improve even the most routine activities of industry. Automated oil analysis will analyze data from sensors at precise locations in the machinery and assess the state of the lubricant at each location to determine whether it is still viable or has begun to break down. If the monitoring system detects too much degradation in the lubricant, then an alert will be issued to the operators recommending a lubricant change. This preventive maintenance can be performed before the machine’s performance declines or fails completely.

Visual Monitoring

For plant machinery that isn’t equipped with the technology for automated computer monitoring, it is essential to perform visual monitoring to assess and maintain proper lubrication. Ideally, such machinery can be updated to include the necessary accessories for automated monitoring. However, one publication has argued that a quick daily inspection of critical parts is crucial even if you are using automated oil analysis. These quick inspections are not exhaustive but assess whether the most important parts are functional. Machine operators should be trained to inspect the lubrication at these critical parts for signs of degradation.

Keeping your plant’s machinery properly lubricated is essential to the smooth flow of your business. Where feasible, a judicious hybrid approach of computer and human monitoring of the lubrication may be the best approach. And when it’s time to change the lubricant, be sure to replace it with a high-quality product from your lubricant supplier.