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Three Reasons to Recycle Your Laptop

Despite increases in speed, strength, and security, laptops start to slow down, intermittently not work, or fail altogether. Or, a shiny new laptop catches your eye. No matter the situation, your old laptop eventually has to go.

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It is not easily disposable

However, this type of computer is not easy to get rid of. You can’t really throw it in the trash can. In addition, unless you work on laptops as your profession, you don’t know how to take it apart. So, it ends up gathering dust on a shelf or in the closet.

There is a solution to this dilemma: recycle the laptop. Here are three reasons why.

  1. You save the environment

Bad things can happen if your laptop reaches a landfill. If it breaks, the internal components might leak into the ground. Then, even the smallest amount of corrosive material can contaminate the water table.

When you recycle a laptop at eWaste companies like GreenTec it never reaches the landfill. It’s one and only stop is the recycling depot. From there, it gets properly disposed or refurbished.

  1. You save your data

Throw your laptop in the trash and somebody malicious is going to grab it, take it apart, and pull out all your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). And when that happens you can lose much more than a computer.

When an eWaste company recycles your computer they remove every byte of PII from the device. They secure this with a detailed list of procedures and results that is delivered to you as certification.

  1. It goes to someone who needs a laptop

We’re big on repurposing items in the 21st century, and laptops are no exception. Once they are cleared of your PII, the laptops are reimaged and prepared for someone else to use. Sometimes they go back to the business. Other times they are donated to people in need of a computer.

In the end, your laptop doesn’t need to stay on the shelf. Get it to a laptop recycling Toronto facility and let them clean and dispose of it the right way.