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Picking Your Two-Way Radio

Walkie-talkies aren’t just for kids: they can play both vital roles in your personal and professional lives, along with all other kinds of two-way radios. Here are some things to think about when figuring out which two-way radio best suits you and your lifestyle.

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Choose the Right Frequency

Most radios made for consumers tend to have the same range of frequencies, meaning most of them are compatible with each other. In a professional environment, however, you’ll likely be using a business radio, with can operate with any of a number of varying frequencies… not all of which are compatible. Therefore, you must be absolutely sure that yours operates on the same one as the others at your workplace—if the radio’s the same model, even better. Even then, however, your business radio might not function properly if your dealer has added customized frequencies to it (same model or not), so be sure to ask the seller if that’s the case before buying it.

Consider Range

There’s a big difference between buying a radio that can reach someone at the end of the hallway versus a person a few floors down or several miles away in the wilderness. Think about how far away you could potentially be from the other radio user, as well as what elements in your job could interfere with a signal that isn’t strong enough.

Manage Your Batteries Properly

Always try to keep your two-way radio at least close to full power, especially if it’s vital to your daily operations. Luckily, many radios use batteries that can be charged, and are often sold with rechargeable battery packs. Also keep an eye on compatibility, especially with business phones: for Kenwood products, for example, you’d want to look for a kenwood radio battery specific to your radio’s model.

Keep these things in mind and you’ll be saying “over and out” to radio-related problems.