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When Ankle Holsters Make Sense

The decision to get a concealed carry permit comes with the responsibility of carrying your weapon safely and securely. Many gun owners conceal on their waist or in a bag of some sort, but sometimes those options are not the most practical. It may seem odd, but sometimes carrying on your ankle may be the best choice and not just for spies or FBI agents.

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While at the Office or in a Suit

Whether your office is casual or business attire, a concealed ankle holster may be the best option for you if you sit behind a desk all day. Having a gun holstered at your waist while sitting at a computer for eight hours a day is not optimal. An ankle holster gives you a more discreet option while in the office. Drawing from an ankle holster while seated is actually a lot easier than drawing from the same holster while standing.

If you have to do business calls, an ankle holster may be a viable option as it can be hidden under a pant leg and won’t be as conspicuous as a waist or shoulder holster.

Driving or at the Gym

As mentioned above, there are times when having a gun holstered at your waist would be uncomfortable. Driving is one of those times. Ankle holsters provide quick access to your gun without the discomfort of a waistband holster digging into your skin or your gun being difficult to access in case of an emergency.

The type of clothes you wear for the gym don’t usually have the best support for a belt-type holster. If you like to wear pants to the gym, an ankle holster may be an option for you in order to safely and securely carry while working out.

Often, ankle holsters are considered useful for secondary weapons, in the case that your primary weapon is compromised because they can be difficult to draw from while standing. With practice, you could draw quickly from even suit pants.