Google Pixel 4 to Feature Soli-Powered Face Unlock, Motion Sense Gestures

Google Pixel 4 to Feature Soli-Powered Face Unlock, Motion Sense Gestures

The Soli radar system was demonstrated back in 2015 and was upgraded a year later

  • Pixel 4 will feature a single front camera unlike its predecessor
  • Motion Sense might not be available on Pixel 4 in all regions
  • All face data will be stored locally on Google’s Titan M chip

Google is taking a rather unorthodox – or to put it correctly, anti-leak – approach of hyping up the Pixel 4, and that involves officially revealing it one feature at a time before its launch. Google has today made two major Pixel 4 announcements – support for radar-based hands-free gestures to perform a wide array of tasks on its next flagship and hardware-backed face unlock. The teaser video shared by Google also confirms the top-heavy design of the Pixel 4 that leaks had indicated, complete with thick bezels at the top and the familiar two-tone button colour scheme.

In an official blog post, Pixel product manager Brandon Barbello revealed that Google Pixel 4 will support face unlock and hands-free gestures called Motion Sense. But like a majority of smartphones that rely on the front camera for facial recognition, Google has equipped the Pixel 4 with dedicated hardware a la Apple’s Face ID for more secure face unlock. All that works in conjunction with a radar-based system called Soli, something that has been in development at Google for nearly half a decade.