News Updates

CIA Reveals It Was Hacked by an Insider Network of Snack Thieves

  The Central Intelligence Agency admitted this week that it had been compromised for months in 2013 by a network of high-tech snack thieves. A report released this week shows the premier US intelligence body discovered that insider hackers had stolen more than $3,300 worth of potato chips, chocolate bars and other snacks from its […]


Amazon has unveiled an early peek of Prime Day deals

  Amazon’s Prime Day is just hours away, and the online retailer wants to keep anticipation high. To that end, the company has unveiled a sneak peek at some of the deals you can expect throughout the 30-hour extravaganza. As is typical for Amazon, the company’s preview includes some generic promises, such as up to 40 percent […]


Nokia has an Android flagship in the works to challenge the Galaxy S8

  HMD, the Chinese firm that paid big bucks to slap the Nokia brand onto Android phones, has big plans. It unveiled a new Nokia 3310 to rapturous applause at MWC, as well as a line of mid-level Android devices. According to a new report out of China, that’s not all. HMD is said to […]


Apple Makes an Uncharacteristic Move

  Apple decided to let reporters in on a secret this week: a new Mac Pro is coming sometime next year. ILLUSTRATION: GETTY IMAGES Apple is famously tight-lipped between product announcements, preferring to let fans merely speculate about what’s to come. The company made an exception Monday, when its marketing chief Phil Schiller invited a group of […]

Tech Updates

The HTC U 11 will come with an app to show you how to squeeze it

  Someone’s got an itchy trigger finger at HTC, because a companion Edge Sense app for the HTC U 11 briefly appeared on the Google Play app store, before getting pulled again. It’s designed to walk users through what could be this phone’s most distinctive feature. Based on a variety of leaks we’ve seen up […]

Tech Updates

An ode to my $7 HTC pack-in headphones

  Headphones are an interesting slice of the technology market, where companies build products that are as much gadget as they are art. Design, style, and personal taste in sound quality and tuning are just as important as the more technical aspects of a pair of headphones. And there have never been more choices: from […]


Now, an Algorithm to Teach Robots How to Behave Like a Human in Certain Situations

  Scientists have developed a new machine-learning algorithm to help robots display appropriate social behaviour in interactions with humans. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are making virtual and robotic assistants increasingly capable in performing complex tasks, researchers said. For these “smart” machines to be considered safe and trustworthy collaborators with human partners, however, robots must […]