Apple Seeks ‘Siri Event Maven’ to Keep the Assistant Up-to-Date on Culture

  HIGHLIGHTS Apple is looking to hire human assistant, to be named as Siri Event Maven It will help Siri assistant stay updated on the non-traditional holidays It will also scan social media to inform Siri about them Apple is looking to hire a person to help its Siri assistant stay updated on all the […]


Review: HTC’s New Android Phone Struggles to Keep Up

  The good: Sharp screen, Excellent front-facing camera, Great audio The bad: Too large to hold comfortably, Battery life could be better, Second screen doesn’t improve the experience, Expensive Who should buy: Android fans who want an exceptionally large phone with a nice screen — but those who prioritize portability and battery life should look […]


Cheap gaming: The most wallet-friendly ways to keep up with the latest games

  Trying to keep up with the latest releases can really take its toll on your wallet. Luckily, there are lots of tools and services designed to help you play the best games around without emptying your bank account. Here’s our pick of the bunch broken down by platform, with a few cross-platform options to […]

News Updates

BlackBerry Mobile will look for a better adhesive to keep KEYone screens from popping out

Yesterday, we told you about a video that claimed BlackBerry Mobile failed to use adhesive on the BlackBerry KEYone’s screen. This allowed the display to pop out of the phone when some pressure was applied to it. In addition, owners of the phone have been complaining about the screen popping out when the handset was […]


Are the gadgets you use slowing down? Here’s how to keep your digital devices in top shape

  Just like you, your devices need to be regularly checked for existing or potential problems. The issue is that many people tend to keep using their device without maintenance until an issue arises. Karan Bajaj & Hitesh Raj Bhagat show you how to keep your PC, MAC, iOS & Android in top shape. Keep […]