Dr. Mario World Released for Android and iOS a Day Early

Dr. Mario World can be played in single or multiplayer mode Highlights Dr. Mario World lands a day earlier on Android and iOS The game was originally set to release on July 10 Dr. Mario World hasn’t released in India for now Dr. Mario World, Nintendo’s newest game for mobile platforms as well as in […]


For their eyes only! Rare James Bond style gadgets used by British spies to ‘escape and evade’ capture in World War Two are set to fetch £5,000 at auction

A collection of rare James Bond-style gadgets used by British spies during the Second World War has been unearthed and is likely to fetch £5,000 at auction. The array of impressive objects includes a smoking pipe with a detachable mouthpiece which pulls out to reveal a lethal steel dagger. Other fascinating items which make up […]

News Updates

Bold move in world of listless finance

Chennai-based Shriram group’s proposed merger of its financial services business with IDFC Bank to create a financial conglomerate is a display of animal spirits in a financial sector that has been listless at best, of late. The merger will be of significant long-term gain to IDFC and to Shriram shareholders but only if three hurdles […]


Facebook is testing Messenger ads around the world

Mark Zuckerberg introduces a messenger platform at the F8 summit. Facebook’s plan to monetize Messenger is going global. The company said on Tuesday Messenger ads would be available around the world through an expansion of its current tests. The new image ads will appear in the home tab of the Messenger app. If a user clicks […]


No Disrespect But Did Apple Change the World?

  I got into a lively debate, twice, in Toronto last week about whether or not Apple’s products had changed the world. I discussed this first with the sharp strategic management professor Bill McEvily, who challenges his University of Toronto students by asking them to read my 2012 book Inside Apple. A central point of […]

Tech Updates

The iPhone changed the world, and it changed Apple—except in one crucial way

Today’s Apple is often seen as the iPhone company, a huge supply chain machine that produces and sells hundreds of millions of smartphones…and generates mounds of cash in the process. Today we look at the changes the iPhone brought to the old Apple culture—and consider that some things never change. June 29, 2007. Eager Apple […]


Five to Try: Not Hotdog is a perfect July 4th gag app, and Futurama: World of Tomorrow opens up

  We’re only a few days away from the Fourth of July, and if you plan to celebrate Independence Day at a party with pals, then you might want to grab HBO’s Not Hotdog app. You don’t have to be a fan of Silicon Valley to appreciate this neural network-powered gag, which manages to be both weirdly […]